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  1. Gemini75

    Tone Test With New Gear

    Got a lot of new gear over the last year, but hadn't really had the time to sit down and play with any of it until lately. Here's a quick clip I made with it all. Signal chain is Fender "Hot Rod" Strat (alder + DiMarzio Super Distortion...
  2. Gemini75

    ADA MP-1

    More or less considered the embodiment of 80s metal tones, the ADA MP-1 has quickly become my the ampfor me. Admittedly, I'm a "one trick pony" player when it comes to tone, but the tone I'm getting from the MP-1 when used with an Ibanez SD9M pedal and an over-sized 1X12" cab has made me a...
  3. Gemini75

    NGD FSR Hot Rod Strat

    Well I finally took the plunge and got a Strat. After a lot of internet research, I settled on this FSR Hot Rod. Plays great too. Very, very happy with this one.
  4. Gemini75

    NGD Ibanez SRC6

    Always thought a baritone guitar like this would be a great idea, except nobody was making them until now. So yeah, I treated myself to a new Ibanez SRC6 Crossover Bass. Think of it like a Fender Bass VI on 'roids. There's a 30" with string spacing similar to a standard scale six string guitar...
  5. Gemini75

    FT Gibson SG 2005 Faded Special - US ONLY

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Gibson SG 2005 Faded Special Modifications (if any): None. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Gibson factory hard shell case Location (City,State or City,Country): Belmont, MA International OK? : NO. Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM here References...
  6. Gemini75

    In Praise Of Heavier Gauge Stings

    Tried a heavier gauge for my 8 string today, a set of 90-12, to be exact, and they sound and feel great. The 90 is just a little too big to sit in the nut properly, but it's holding its tune so I'm not complaining. String tension is about equivalent to 6 string tuned to D standard, give or take...
  7. Gemini75

    Good Tone Guide For Guitars

    MeAmBobbo PodHD Guide - Contents This guide is primarily meant for POD HD users, but I've found the advice contained within is applicable to any rig.
  8. Gemini75

    Pup Wiring Question

    Can you wire both the bridge and the neck pups to the bridge position so they'll work simultaneously?
  9. Gemini75

    Electrical Guitar Co. If only I had the spare bread for one of these.....
  10. Gemini75

    Dialtone Pickups

    Dialtone claims first infinitely tone-adjustable guitar pickup
  11. Gemini75

    Mammoth Custom Cabs I came into a possession of one of their 1X12 cabs a while ago, but haven't had a chance you use it until a couple of days ago when I picked up a used ADA MP-1 preamp. Lordy! Does this thing sound huge! Tone is thick and...
  12. Gemini75

    FS: Rat/Rocktron Dist - Joyo Brit Sound

    Have three pedals for sale, Rat re-issue distortion $50 Rocktron Metal Planet $50 Joyo British Sound $35 All three pedals are in very nice condition and all are in proper working condition. Prices are for US SALES ONLY, S&H included. PayPal only please. EBay ID: arkamobserver Have a 100%...
  13. Gemini75

    Sunmachine Fuzz O)))

    Just added this pedal to my things to get list. Sunmachine Fuzz O))) C Tuning Demo - YouTube
  14. Gemini75

    JoYo Amp "Clone" Pedals.

    Test - Harley Benton British TrueTone II Brown Sound - YouTube Just found out about these. Look/sound pretty interesting. So far they're made Marshall, Fender, Vox, and Mesa pedals. Price is definitely right at $40 USD.
  15. Gemini75

    7/8 Pups From Gibson, Ever?

    I'm curious as to why Gibson has not entered the 7/8 pup market. The most obvious reason being they don't make ERGs, but given the that ERGs are much more prevalent than they were just a few years ago, one wonders why Gibson hasn't made at least one foray into the ERG pup market.
  16. Gemini75

    The Tightest OD Pedal There Is?

    Could someone possible recommend me a really, and I mean REALLY, tight overdrive pedal to tighten up a EH Big Muff? I'm using an 8 string and I really need to get the fuzz from flubbing out on me.
  17. Gemini75

    Rocktron Metal Planet Pedal

    I was in the market for a new distortion pedal. After listening to a ton of demos I decided on the Rocktron Metal Planet. Luckily, was having a sale and I got the Rocktron pedal for $80. Tone-wise the pedal has a lot of variety, not to mention plenty of gain to work with...
  18. Gemini75

    NGD Agile 827 Septor

    My new Agile 827 Septor arrived today. Pics Initial inspection revealed no blemishes or other aesthetic abnormalities. The Body: The natural mahogany finish looks better than these less than ideal pics would have you think, and reminds me a lot of the finish on my Faded Special...
  19. Gemini75

    Agile, Losing it?

    Ordered an 8 string Septor from Agile last week. The guitar I got today was not only the wrong version, I'd ordered one with a tuneomatic, not hipshot style bridge, but buzzed so bad I'd have sent it back anyways. Do they look at these or even test them before they ship them out? Guess not...
  20. Gemini75

    Best Graphite Nut?

    Would like to get a new nut cut for 13s-65s and was wondering what's the best replacement graphite nut on the market. Thanks.

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