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  1. Markm

    Want to learn some slide - help

    Any advice would be great. Total newbie to slide. My main first issue is how to set up my guitar better for slide......... I can't get any good sounds going, and I understand I should raise the action a bit. So, just raise the bridge up a bit ? Should I do any adjustment with the truss rod? Thanks!
  2. Markm

    Anyone play / own SGs only ?

    Just curious ....... After all these years and different guitars I feel at home on an SG. Maybe I'll go all in ! Sell the others and pick up a few more SGs!
  3. Markm

    2016 / 2017 SG Standards

    I have a shot to get one or the other. The differences I know about are the gig bag with the 2016 and the bat pick guard; as well as different pickups. Is there anything I'm missing that I should consider between the two? Thanks!
  4. Markm

    NSGD !!

  5. Markm

    Any Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 users?

    Just wondering. I have a chance to grab one of these used and wanted some opinions. Thanks
  6. Markm

    2011 60's tribute SG question

    I have a chance to pick one of these up. Been wanting a P90 equipped SG for a while. Don't have much time today to do research (at work) Its still new. Is 750.00 a good price?
  7. Markm

    My rig

    This is all my gear I'll add the floor stuff next Just felt like posting some gear pictures today
  8. Markm

    Tennis elbow from playing guitar, anyone?

    Just wondering. I have a pretty bad case right now in both arms. To the point where I can't get a good nights sleep if my arm acts up. Mostly my strumming arm. I had , until now attributed this all to my job which works both my arms pretty good. And the fact that I am getting older. But now I...
  9. Markm

    SG photos

    Just felt like doing a photo shoot today
  10. Markm

    How to find out how many of these SGs were made?

    I have a Captain Kirk SG and have been searching to try and find out how many they made. Just for me to keep as history with this guitar that I hope gets passed down for generations. I can't find anything concrete. (even e-mailed Gibson, with no reply) Any ideas on how to find this out...
  11. Markm

    My SG history and new CK Custom review

    I'm more of a recent SG convert, a little over a year now they have become my go to guitars. Before that I was playing Strats and Strat style guitars, but always trying to get them to sound like a Gibson. So I picked up my first SG, a special, as a backup to my then main PRS Strat style and...
  12. Markm

    captain Kirk is waiting at the Post Office!!

    My new (to me) Captain Kirk Signature SG has made it to my local Post Office. If I can grab it at lunch and take some photos I will. Can't wait!
  13. Markm

    SG Futura?

    Anyone look / play the new 2014 Futura? Looks pretty cool. Vintage SG look with some modern upgrades. And the price isn't too bad. Just looking for some opinions as I am happily guitar shopping!!
  14. Markm

    2014 line up question

    I see the 2014 line up . Is that it? Or do they sometimes release other models during the year? Thanks
  15. Markm

    Back from the other side, looking for some suggestions

    I have to admit I've been playing my LP a lot lately. But finally had the realization that I truly am an SG guy. Its so much easier to play and get to the higher registers; Tone-wise, I'd have to give the LP a slight edge in sustain, but really nothing more. And man those things are HEAVY! So...
  16. Markm

    SG price drop at Sweetwater restocked

    Looks like they have restocked; they have 4 more white ones in stock. Someone buy these up before I do!! Gibson SG Standard - Classic White |
  17. Markm

    New "other" guitar on the way!

  18. Markm


    Its not an SG, but a nice addition. An LP 50's tribute. My first with P90's! They sound killer.
  19. Markm

    ESP Viper on its way

  20. Markm

    In what order would you place these pedals

    I've been messing around with my pedal board lately. It amazing all the different combos you can put the effects in. anyone care to take a look at my pedals and let me know how you would line them up? I know there are no rules and some are personal preference. Just thought it would be fun to...

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