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  1. TheDixiePig

    SG's are underrated for clean tones...

    Came to the same conclusion as yourself. I have a CME spec SG with the new T-top pups that Gibson is selling now. I've mentioned my surprise at the clean tones it gets here several times. Not what I expected. I does the wild rock and roll high gain stuff beautifully. (lately I've been running it...
  2. TheDixiePig

    I have the best SG change my mind

    Interesting story, good friend of mine who I played together in a band with for several years, (again on bass) got one of the Faded SG's in Walnut when they came out. Prior to that she had played a strat for years. She fell in love with the SG and it was all she would play. Around that time is...
  3. TheDixiePig

    Help: SG issue new strings.

    Could it be the new strings have less tension than the ones you set it up with previously? I decided to try a new make of string that was a "balanced" set. First thing I noticed was the action was a touch higher, and the strings were stiffer. They had more tension than my previous set. After the...
  4. TheDixiePig

    I have the best SG change my mind

    Chili, that 76, is one of the nicest 70's SG's I've ever seen. The guitarist in the band I play bass in has a 74 special in walnut that's pretty bitchin' with the mini hums in it. Headstock has had two repairs, but it still plays fantastic. Not a fan of the brown walnut color though, neither is...
  5. TheDixiePig

    I have the best SG change my mind

    I wouldn't dare try. I like it when people are happy, and if that SG makes you happy, then it's the best Sir. I'm here because I love SG's, and I like seeing pics of others SG's they love. Yours's is a very nice one, I like the darker cherry, beautiful. I have had mine for over a year now and I...
  6. TheDixiePig


    I would assume much like anything else, there are good and bad every year. The differences in materials and appointments from year to year would be the only real determinate. I have a 2021 standard and it's exceptional in every me.
  7. TheDixiePig

    I'm new here, got my first SG!

    Good to hear from another SG lover! I never register for forums either, but the vibe here is a lot less confrontational than most. I play in a punk band that travels, so seeing a lady on stage with a guitar is not unusual to me. I was in San Antonio over the weekend playing, and 2 of the bands...
  8. TheDixiePig

    Boss OD-3 vs BD-2

    Different circuits creating clipping in different ways. The OD-3 uses opamps and diodes for a harder clipping signal. The BD-2 uses FETs and diodes for the clipping and will act more like overdriven tubes and will clip the signal "softer" than the OD-3. The BD-2 should be more sensitive to the...
  9. TheDixiePig


    Kinda off-topic, I never really noticed how asymmetrical the SG body design is until I saw a lefty. Pretty guitar and great story, enjoy your new axe.
  10. TheDixiePig

    Who is Your Favorite…

    Arise from the ashes Phoenix! Put one of his bands records on this weekend and remembered that Ichiro Agata the guitarist from Melt Banana has played an old 70's SG for most of the bands existence. Saw these guys live a long time ago and it was one of the most intense shows I have ever seen...
  11. TheDixiePig

    Strap button removal.

    This is my solution as well. Up off the floor so it doesn't get knocked over, and I play more when it's out ready to grab.
  12. TheDixiePig

    Gibson SG Standard Cherry - 2 piece mahogany - Is that normal?

    Someone more knowledgeable than I will chime in soon, but as far as I know most SG's are two or three pieces of Mahogany glued together. There's not a "top" really. You are just seeing the seam between the two pieces of wood. Some are barely visible, some are more noticeable like the one in your...
  13. TheDixiePig

    Customized 1960 RCA tube amp, sounds good !

    Interesting. I have an old solid state Magnavox console stereo I'm planning on rehabbing, but never thought of trying to play guitar through it. It needs some caps replaced and pots cleaned, but it plays records and sounds okay as is. This reminded me that a band from the 90's, Mercury Rev, had...
  14. TheDixiePig

    Weight of your SG?

    Interesting, it seems all the '61's are fairly light and consistent from example to example. My 2021 CME Standard is 6.4lb. Lightest guitar I've ever played. That 6lb special though, that's crazy light.
  15. TheDixiePig

    Gibson SG headstock Logo and Crown alignment

    "You about to screen that logo?" (bumps elbow of fellow employee) "Don't mess it up, ha ha. " (bumps elbow again)
  16. TheDixiePig

    Hello Everyone

    Salutations! If you have a SG, post up some pics, we'd all love to see it.
  17. TheDixiePig

    Saw ZZ Top Last Night and Have a Question

    Only a very few were made for sale I believe. This article is from 2015.
  18. TheDixiePig

    SG Special advice

    Well done Sir! Your daughter is a lucky girl, that is a great guitfiddle.
  19. TheDixiePig

    SG pics to drool over

    Same thing, CME spec standard, but in Coral. None of these in the current run. Out of stock for over a year, almost two now.
  20. TheDixiePig

    SG pics to drool over

    CME had some more of these in stock for a short time. They've been out of all colors but pink and yellow for over a year. This current run sold out in about a week. Love the pastel colored SG's CME is having done. One like this got away from me last year while shopping for an SG. That's how I...

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