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  1. Kerry Brown

    Leaving the forum once again

    I left when the ads became too intrusive. I stopped in again and it seemed a little better so I've been lurking daily and posting occasionally.. Today a video ad showed up in the bottom right corner when viewing posts. I couldn't stop it or hide it. It was way too intrusive making me scroll to...
  2. Kerry Brown

    A couple of NGDs

    The only two in 2020. The first was a 2020 MIJ Tokai Hard Puncher bass. The second was a Christmas present to my self, an Epiphone Swingster. Here are a couple of quick tunes featuring both of them.
  3. Kerry Brown

    Pacific Northwest Jam #3 Canada Version

    Saturday, April 14, noon to six. Once again hosted at Sound and Soul Studios in Squamish, BC, Canada. It's an hour drive north of Vancouver., BC, four hours from Seattle. Looking forward to putting some faces to some forum handles. All levels of players are welcome. Bring your gear or use some...
  4. Kerry Brown

    P90 goodness

    Picked up this beauty a couple of days ago. I've previously owned a Gibson 50's Special SG with P90s. This guitar puts it to shame in every way. The Gibson was a nice guitar. The Epiphone is spectacular. The neck is sublime. The tone is miles ahead of the Gibson. Both pickups sing,
  5. Kerry Brown

    My Sunday jam crew

    Here's a picture of the Sunday jam crew. We could use a keyboard player. We're a little heavy on guitars. Another guitar player took the picture and there's one guitar player missing.
  6. Kerry Brown

    Terry C McInturff Royal

    I recently acquired this in a trade. It is a McInturff Royal. It is by far the nicest guitar I've ever played. It is way up there in cork sniffer territory. It is very, very subtle when you want it to be and raw when you need that. You can feel the quality when you pick it up. Start playing it...
  7. Kerry Brown

    Joyo Voodoo Octave

    I haven't used a fuzz since way back in the 70's. I mostly play the blues and a fuzz doesn't really fit. Recently bought a Flying V with higher output pickups and I've been playing with a lot of overdrive on the BD2 and the Green Rhino. I wondered what the V would sound like with fuzz so I...
  8. Kerry Brown

    I'm going to have to rethink what I thought I knew

    i recently acquired a Flying V which I've talked about in another thread. This guitar has Gibson 496R and 500T pickups with ceramic magnets. I really like the sound of them. I was pretty sure I would like them with a lot of gain but even clean or with just a little clean boost they sound great...
  9. Kerry Brown

    This has me GASSING for a Casino

    Black Pistol Fire
  10. Kerry Brown


    This showed up today. It was shipped a couple of weeks ago and took the long way here but it arrived safe and sound. Not sure how I like the 496R/500T pickups yet but they don't suck so I'll have to play it for a couple of weeks before I decide if they are staying. It has a very nice neck...
  11. Kerry Brown

    Trying Mesa for a change of sound

    A Canadian chain Long & McQuade has an annual "attic" sale where they take all the used, demo, ex-rental, and old stock equipment in a region to one store and have a big two day sale. I picked up a used but mint Mesa Transatlantic TA-30 1x12 combo. So far I'm loving it. I have too many amps...
  12. Kerry Brown

    Guitar withdrawals

    My wife and I are going on a holiday so I'll be away from my guitars for the next two weeks. We don't leave for another eight hours and I'm already suffering from withdrawal anxiety. I may have to rent a guitar when we get there. Anyone know of a good rental place in London, England? I'm...
  13. Kerry Brown

    Glad I kept my Fryette amp

    I almost traded my Fryette Memphis 30 for a Larrivee acoustic guitar. At the last minute both of us backed out. I've started jamming with a new group and it looks like this may turn into a band. One of the other guitarists showed up with a Peavey 5150 2x12, a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier with a...
  14. Kerry Brown

    Rainsong carbon fibre guitar

    Got a chance to try a Rainsong today thanks to someone I met on another forum. It is an amazing guitar. Different sound but that doesn't mean inferior. Plugged in it is even better. I tried it in a Blackstar 1 watt head with a 1x12 cab, not the ideal setup for an acoustic. I can easily say it is...
  15. Kerry Brown

    Small amp, big sound

    i have a Blackstar HT1R amp with a Blackstar 1x12 cab. I replaced the Celestion 70/80 speaker with an Emminence P90. I mostly use the cab with my Fryette playing live. I've never had the HT1R above 10:00 with the cab. For 1 watt it is very loud. I've always wondered if it could actually keep up...
  16. Kerry Brown

    FS/FT Fryette Memphis 30 Head

    For trade or sale. Fryette Memphis 30 head. Awesome amp, extremely versatile. Two channels each selectable for 30/18 watts independently. Three voices plus boost for both channels. serial/parallel loop. Long spring reverb. Comes with two button footswitch. $1,700 CDN trade value. $1,500 CDN for...
  17. Kerry Brown

    Stumbled on this black beauty today

    Happened upon an amazing deal on a 2001 Les Paul Special today. It had literally been under a bed in a case since 2005. It even came with a nice hard case, a strap, and an extra set of D'Addario XL's. A couple of hours cleanup work, a setup, and this guitar is an amazing player. It's a slab of...
  18. Kerry Brown

    2012 SG Humbucker Special

    I posted about this guitar when i first got it. I played it live a couple of time and was a little disappointed with the tone. It was sold as a Dimarzio Tone Zone in the bridge and an unknown pickup in the neck. Yesterday I finally had some spare time so I decided to strip the guitar down to...
  19. Kerry Brown

    New SG on the way

    I've been looking for a wraptail SG for a while. It's a 2012 SG Special Humbucker. I found this beauty on another forum. Probably won't have it for at least a couple of weeks. The seller is on holiday and then it will be shipped from the other side of Canada. Not a fan of the relic but the...
  20. Kerry Brown

    Do you experiment with string size?

    I had pretty much settled on 9-42s. Then I got a Gretsch hollow body. It needed new strings. On the recommendation of a salesman I put on some 11-50s. They suit the guitar very well and sound great. Then I put some 11-52s on my G-400 SG in an attempt to learn how to play slide. I kind of liked...

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