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  1. Tazz3

    Epipphone les paul for sale

    Hello all iam selling my les paul eiphone in dirty lemmon its a limited edition color, Its brand new no scratchs, no niks no buckle rash its like new. I have to sell cause im not in to lps any more and i have a bad back, Im asking 300 or best offer buy pays shiping, i still have the box it was...
  2. Tazz3

    Classic vibe 50"s vs classic player 50's strat

    Hello all, i just ordered a classic player 50's strat from musicans friend i got it for 17 percent off so its 663 and 36 months intrest free, so they told me after i called them 3 times It has the 57/62's pickups the locking tuners soft v neck which i never played and they say its nice. and...
  3. Tazz3

    NPD cry baby

    Sweet water was runing a sale 48 months lol ahahha so I picked up a cry baby Its cool built well i play the same chords just hiting the wah its all fun hahahah
  4. Tazz3

    New pickup day

    Hey all i broke down and got a set of fender pure vintage 1965 pickups,i got a good deal from Amazon 89 bucks brand new im gonna have my friend put them in my strat im gonna upgrade the pots and stuff also
  5. Tazz3

    Bill Machrone passed away Blues jr amp doc

    A family member just announced the passing of Bill Machrone from Billm Audio. "It is with very heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved husband and father, Bill Machrone. He made a peaceful transition at home last night, with us as his side.. As many of our friends know, Bill...
  6. Tazz3

    Are these the same pickups need help

    sweetwater has the hednrix strat it has 1965 picks ups this is what they say about them Neck Pickup American Vintage '65 Gray-Bottom Single-Coil Strat Now amazon sells 65 pickups are these the same as the one in the Hendrix strat...
  7. Tazz3

    I had to get new glasses

    i have not been to the eye doc in 10 years my glasses were shot so i went to the eye doc Thank god the eye exam was corved by my covage cause im on distalbily So it saved me 70 bucks, so he have me a scrpit for the glasses It cost me 350 dollars i allmost pasted out lol
  8. Tazz3

    Bronchitis Is the worst

    Last monday i went to the doc she told me i have bronchitis she gave me meds made me sick went back wensdays z pack didnt work so yesterday i saw another doc he gave me cipro 2 times a day and i still have it i wish i could stop coughing its the weost
  9. Tazz3

    Wanted set of tex mex pickups

    Hello any of u guys have a set of tex mex picks for a strat ,cheap that u dont want or selling Cause im on distalbily thanks
  10. Tazz3

    NPD but it's defected

    Hello all new pedal day i got the dunlop hendrix mini fuzz face,Its cool i think the switch is messed up cause i press it down i get fuzz.then i take the strat out of fuzz and press the switch again
  11. Tazz3

    I saw dick dale tuesday nite

    I saw dick dale play the other night it was awesome the guy is a trip he is still rocking at 79, He mostly played didnt really sing just talked anout his diabetes lol and blamed it on his memroy loss lol, it was loud lol his wife was siting on the side of the stage great show
  12. Tazz3

    Back to basics learning from square one lol

    I started over justins lessons from his beginner course stage one lol, There was things i didnt do well and didint know so far its goings well, My chord changes are good and im doing the 4 bar strum and then chord changeing And now im working on my up and down struming which i didnt do well I...
  13. Tazz3

    How to record my guitar playing need help

    Hello all, my lost like allways lol i wanna record my guitar playing, I though that i could use my ipad 4 to record useing sould cloud then up load i cant , I have a digital recoder i can use that then put the files on the pc then upload to sound cloud And what other web sites can i up load my...
  14. Tazz3

    Ngd turned out to be a night mare

    I got an open box squire standard from musicans friend, It came to day it would not stay in tune so i tryed to block the trem And then i was gonna try to screw the claw flush but the screws are not fully threaded. Then the springs came off so i heard if u put them like this /\ its better so i...
  15. Tazz3

    Im geting strat gas which one,

    hey all im still alive :) i been getin strat gas latley i have no clue if i should get a mim one Or a nice squire, or even a rondo model i been looking on reverb but some of those guys sre on crack charging 60 bucks to ship a guitar ?? For a litTle more money i can get a new one with free...
  16. Tazz3

    Rondo guitars vs chibson

    How come rondo can sell les paul shaped guitars,But chibson cant sell les paul shaped guitars What is the driffrence between them i would never buy a chibson anyways
  17. Tazz3

    After market tail piece and brigde question

    Hello, i read back in the 50's Gibson and epiphone used aluminum on there tail pices and bridges,now i wanna up grade my 2014 plus top pro to aluminum stuff,and the bushings, now faber is a lot of money for there aluminum tail Peice and brigde so what other company makes good aluminum parts That...
  18. Tazz3

    Phase inverter peramp tube question

    my new bugera 22 has a phase inverter peramp tube along with 2 other Permap tubes ,i read that u could use any preamp tube in the phase inveteer Slot is this true?? Cause this place said u can just a question im not upgradeing yet lol
  19. Tazz3

    Collectible guitar magizine came with my amp

    Sweetwater threw in a copy of the mazgine collectible guitar with my order. Its a preety cool magzine there was some good storys in it Who else reads this i might but it agin
  20. Tazz3

    Nad again bugera V 22 head

    Hello all u guys must think iam nuts lol Here is my 3 thrid amp in a month its a keeper Its the bugera V22 head version its really nice I didnt bound with the tiny dark terror it was to small And i didnt bond with the laney cub 10 lol So i also got the bugera cad for what i need it for its fine...

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