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    NBD - Harley Benton CLR-ResoBass!!!!

    My better than perfect wife got me the most awesome birthday present! A Harley Benton resonator bass! It just arrived today. It's really cool. 30-inch scale (I'm a short-scale player, so this is perfect), metal body, and a lipstick tube pickup. Haven't had the time to plug it in yet, but...
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    Fake humbuckers?

    Earlier this year I picked up a loaded SG (type) pickguard at a guitar swap meet. It had a Barcus-Berry in the middle that I wanted for a Cigar Box Guitar project I was working on. I yanked the B-B and chucked the pickguard in a parts bin. It looks to be off of a late-60s early-70s SG copy, and...
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    NGD!!! 2015 Les Paul Special double cut

    Babysitting can be expensive... While hanging out with the grandson last night, we did one of his favorite activities - going to Sam Ash. He's only 3, but he absolutely loves that place! It just so happens they've bought out Gibson's stock of 2015 guitars and are blowing them out at pretty...

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