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  1. Karathas

    New Stones album coming out tomorrow

    There is a new Rolling Stones Album coming out tomorrow called Blue and Lonesome..from the little i heard of it sounds like they are going back to thier roots.. cant wait to buy it. Huge Stones..Keef fan here
  2. Karathas

    Old Bass Cab Mod.

    A While back I posted about a 1x15 bass cabinet I bought at an auction for $10. When i opened it up it had a Speaker Subwoofer in it...Useless for my needs but it was a 15 inch cab. So I bought this 15 inch Big Ben by Eminence.. Man what an amazing speaker...I play alot of Blues and this...
  3. Karathas

    NGD: Simon&Patrick Concert Hall Showcase Mahogany in Burnt Umber

    Been gassing for an acoustic guitar for a long time but couldn't find one that suited. Tried out this Simon and Patrick Limited Edition at Long&McQuade and was smitten. Its a smaller guitar that fits great in my arms and feels very sounds alot like a taylor. it has alot...
  4. Karathas

    "Just as if It were a real Musical Instrument"

    This old documentary on the electric guitar is hilarious. Case in point..8:53. Aparantly, Electric guitars aren't real musical instruments. and then the parts about guitar tone...perfect for starting fights on here...loved it.
  5. Karathas

    Guitar show

    Ok...i have been wanting to go to a local guitar show around here..but there isn't one to go to. After a long period of frustration, I have decided that if i can't find one here, I will have to do it myself. So here i was just thinking about it and i thought to myself...ask the fine people here...
  6. Karathas

    $10 Cabinet

    I was at an auction last week. Was alot of old guitar and bass items being sold. I managed to get this after it was auctioned and the original winner of the bid thought it was empty and it got reauctioned and i got it for $10. Imagine my surprise when i opened it and it still had...
  7. Karathas


    3 guitars in a very short period..Thank god I have an supportive wife :) My latest is this Classic Vibe Squier Strat...came with the hardshell case for only $289 Canadian. Sounds amazing and plays like a dream. So excited i took a pile of pictures before i even left the store so i could...
  8. Karathas


    I was getting rid of some bookmarks on my browser and stumbled on this..must have liked it and marked it but forgot about it. This song is so amazing...Im surprised this guy is not a big star...he plays a Tele as well.
  9. Karathas

    NGD: Twofer

    In an earlier post i mentioned i was buying a Fender 51' Pawnshop. car broke down and my cat died. (sounds like a song). So i had to postpone picking up my guitar. I finally got everything straightened out and went to pick it up yesterday and I seen A nice little Yamaha there for $200...
  10. Karathas

    Sad Day today.

    I have to take my 18 year old cat to the vet and have him put to sleep. He had a pile of strokes yesterday and has very bloody stool... I am off to take him there now.. We are all very upset here.
  11. Karathas

    I love it when playing guitar brings tears to your eyes

    I have been learning a few blues techniques lately; blues shuffles, scale forms and various blues riffs. This morning when i was practicing it all started to gel..all my boring riffs that i was learning started to work into a shuffle rhythm. I was doing 6th and 7th chords all over the...
  12. Karathas

    NGD: Fender '51 Pawnshop Telecaster

    Just picked up this Fender Made in Japan '51 Pawnshop. Have been gassing for one of these for a long time! Sounds great...will let you know more when i play with it a bit more...had to post pics tho. Texas Special Bridge pickup in the neck and a Fender Enforcer Humbucker in the bridge.
  13. Karathas

    Go-to Pedals

    Just wondering what pedals people find indispensable and as a result have them on almost all the time. For me, I see to have my Strymon Flint on all the time...Love the Harmonic Tremelo..its so subtle and usually have on the plate reverb along with it. Been using my Throttle box alot...
  14. Karathas

    NAD: Traynor YCV40

    Sort of lucked out on making a good trade for this Traynor YCV40 and a Mesa Throttle Box pedal. The amp has a slight bit of damage to the grill..but its purely cosmetic..doesn't go through at all..this thing is built like a tank...Lots of good solid tone so far...have to play with it alot more...
  15. Karathas

    NPD: Mesa Throttle Box

    I did a pretty good trade yesterday and this was part of the deal. I have been looking for one for a while, and then yesterday, one almost fell in my lap :) Tried it out at the guy's it sounded as good or better then the much delicious distortion.. My Mesa express is very...
  16. Karathas

    Strymon Flint

    Have had the Flint for a little while and just wanted to give my thoughts about it. This pedal is works well to create that sweet tremelo reverb sound we hear in alot of 60's songs. I tried out a number of songs like "Rumble" and "Born on the Bayou" and "Crimson and Clover" The Flint was great...
  17. Karathas

    NPD Swampy Blues Band in a box

    Got myself 2 Pedals today and a power supply. I wanted to up my tone a bit and I love Tremelo so much. So during my research of what i wanted..i stupidly tried out a Strymon Flint...I was hooked...the Tremelo is great and the reverb on it rocks as well..what did me in..was they sound...
  18. Karathas

    Tremelo Pedal

    I'm looking for a good Tremelo pedal...any input into what i should be looking for, or which one to get would be a help. I am very impressed with the Strymon Flint..but it is very expensive..On the other hand, it has great reverb too and you can combine both reverb and trem to get classic amp...
  19. Karathas

    ECP-NGD...Early Christmas Present New Guitar Day

    Got this today...Its an FSR Classic Vibe 60's Stratocaster with a gold bronze finish. One thing I like about the finish is that it changes according to how much light you have on minute it looks minute it has more of a gold look. I love the pickups on this...
  20. Karathas

    NGD 80's Hondo Strat

    Bought this old Hondo for 20 bucks...not much to look at and needs some work...has a Floyd Rose tho.

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