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  1. oldrockfan

    RIP Malcolm Young :(

    heavy heart learning that Malcolm passed away. I know he was suffering from dementia and it is a horrible disease so glad he is no longer suffering but shame to loose another piece of one of the greatest bands from my youth. Angus would not have been what he was without brother Malcolm holding...
  2. oldrockfan

    The worst SG player is...

    everyone posts who they think was the greatest SG player but I have never seen a post to ask who was the worst one... So my nomination for the worst SG player on youtube
  3. oldrockfan

    Anyone who wonders who influenced AC/DC... here is the answer

    Make no bones about it... Humble Pie was a big influence on AC/DC. Just listen to this song by Humble Pie and tell me you don't think this was an influence on a very famous AC/DC song!
  4. oldrockfan

    Who just did a gig or has one coming up?e

    I sang the aerosmith version of come together at our rehersals and really dug doing that song. Probably my favorite one to sing out of entire set list. Bummed gig got cancelled last minute :(
  5. oldrockfan

    talk about an odd mix of songs... setlist from upcoming gig

    My gig was cancelled which was major bummer for me. Guy that set it up had health related issue during last practice. I had fun at rehersals and had my stuff down. Only song i was still bit shakey on was baracuda by heart but had at down passable... just not totally comfortable with timing on...
  6. oldrockfan

    Shaw pickups found in $120.00 used Agile al-3100

    you never know what you will find in the low cost guitars... lots of people upgrade pups and tuners so might get a smoking deal.
  7. oldrockfan

    I am doing a gig in 6 weeks... what guitar/amp to use?

    so did the first practice for my upcoming gig at that big hanger with the bare metal walls and concrete floors. First I will say it really adds a lot of echo effect. Kinda nice actually on acoustic guitar but on the harder rocking songs... it tended to muddy up the tone. I was playing thru the...
  8. oldrockfan

    NGD... But with an issue?

    you already have your answer... a bit of wood glue (don't go crazy with it) and push it right back in with the mallet and you should be golden.
  9. oldrockfan

    How much time do you spend playing your guitar(s)

    I go thru cycles. I will go weeks where I hardly play at all... then I will either find a song I want to learn or have a music buddy or my boys come over and get me back into it. Then I will go a month or two of playing probably an hour or so a day. Then there is the new gear honeymoon... when I...
  10. oldrockfan

    Planning my next purchase... Which SG would you recommend?

    I'd say based on what you are saying... a 61 re-issue might be the ticket. If it were me and I was focused on something holding value to pass on to my kids... I'd be a vintage SG. You could get a good vintage SG in the 2k range and as long as you don't overpay... will hold value and might just...
  11. oldrockfan

    Opinions / thoughts for 2018

    I also agree but would add just one more... bring back the P90 loaded SG classic and make it a permanent option. At $999 with hard sided case, it was one of the best values in the line.
  12. oldrockfan

    Ever had a guitar stolen? tell your story here:

    yep... don't get me started on police. I can almost guarantee those guys stole my stuff :mad:. You would have thought the police could have at least gone and searched their house to see if they had my stuff but police said no, without a witness or some other hard evidence there was nothing they...
  13. oldrockfan

    What band played at your highschool prom??this school scored

    we had a somewhat famous band... Christopher Cross. Now back in those days... I was more into the harder rocking bands but still the guy had some talent. An old buddy of mine from Mass was the one that really scored though. He had Aerosmith as the band at his senior prom!!! He told me they...
  14. oldrockfan

    Country Living

    Since we are showing some nature pics... thought I'd post up a few more from our main place. We are into natural gardening so keep a flower garden in the center of the backyard. No pesticides or fertilizers at all... just compost and water. We also make our own hummingbird food and feed them all...
  15. oldrockfan

    Country Living

    not a muley... just a fairly large whitetail. Most of our whitetails are the typical 8 pointers but that one... he was a brute. Love your wood ducks. Did you put up nesting boxes for them or are they just volunteers? I still think wood ducks are the best looking ducks around! Our little pond is...
  16. oldrockfan

    Country Living

    here are some pics of our place out west in the country. We used a 40' storage container and converted it to a little 2 bedroom cabin.
  17. oldrockfan

    Country Living

    Another great looking place! Love the pic with the reflection off the water. Our place looks nothing like that. The pond is only about 25x50'. We are thinking about expanding it this year but it is a hassle renting a backhoe. Would be awesome to have a large pond like that. I need to upload a...
  18. oldrockfan

    Ever had a guitar stolen? tell your story here:

    Ive been very lucky and never had music stuff stolen... now that is not to say I haven't sold stuff to a pawn shop which is almost like having it stolen :facepalm: Thought I would share a positive story here to cheer folks up... about 6 years ago my boys band was doing a gig in a college town...
  19. oldrockfan

    Sometimes you have to lean into it!!!!!

    great band!
  20. oldrockfan

    Country Living

    How on earth did I miss this thread? To the OP... great pics and looks like you have a wonderful retirement place. I am still years from retirement but we did move out of the city to a little country place to get a head start. We went with a different strategy of just having a couple acres at...

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