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  1. milesdeem

    No offense to the boutique pickup winders...

    Duncan TB-11 Custom Custom :yesway::cool:
  2. milesdeem

    A Squier Fender SG! What? Who knew?

    The Dearmond bluesbird/M-75 copy I had for a time was about like that.
  3. milesdeem

    A Squier Fender SG! What? Who knew?

    Yeah Dearmond was absorbed by Fender and this was one result.
  4. milesdeem

    Odd things you like about playing your guitar...

    It's a great way to relieve stress and put a smile back on my face.
  5. milesdeem

    Damn you, Col. Sanders

    I hear this same line, almost word-fer-word (the food choice may differ), from my roomy at least once a week. He's goin' for gal-bladder-attack or something similar. I'm guilty of doing these things too!
  6. milesdeem

    What do you collect?

    Pedals from the '80's and newer. Mostly distortion, OD, and fuzz. I believe I have 11 or 12 pedals by now, and I use them. Also have a large collection of "sales literature" a.k.a. "brochures" (medium and heavy trucks; cranes/draglines/power shovels/trench hoes/pullshovels; some auto) dating...
  7. milesdeem

    I've been psychedelisized!

    That's the real deal. I have the knock-off MOEN Shaky Jimi (version 3). I still have gob's of fun with it.
  8. milesdeem

    any other trek fans out there?

    I'll always like the original TV series....Every few year's or so I run through them again. Those poor "red shirt guys" though....:(
  9. milesdeem

    Mighty Mite Pickups on Closeout @ Stew Mac

    Yeah....I have a pair of Motherbuckers that came in a loaded pickguard in my surf green paulownia strat and are great for blues/rock/doom/heavier..... With a nice pearloid white 'guard the assembly was $55 free ship from Blue Star Music.
  10. milesdeem

    As Paul Harvey once said ................

    Used to listen to Mr. Harvey on radidio daily........"GOOD DAY!"
  11. milesdeem

    I knew it was coming.....

    I'm sorry to hear/read about that Raiyn.
  12. milesdeem

    NGD 60s Supro

    Awesome find. I've never seen one in person.
  13. milesdeem

    Speaking of the 70s...

    I graduated HS in '81....I majored in: Collecting and listening to FZ/Mothers, and others....:smile:
  14. milesdeem

    Any Big Muff Pi lovers?

    Yes it is. I'm liking their pedals.
  15. milesdeem

    Mad Mag

    Yeah....I was the sickly lookin' kid with all the Spy vs Spy and Don Martin paperback collector books too. Now my roomy has a bunch of old MAD issues from the '70's and some CRACKED issues also LOL.
  16. milesdeem

    what the heck is pokemon go?

    I've also heard that it's a great way to get robbed. Apparently other folk's can find and know the locations so when unsuspecting players get there somebody with bad intent might be waiting. That's just what I heard about it.
  17. milesdeem

    Any Big Muff Pi lovers?

    Here's some 'MOO pics. This is my first Big Muff Pi clone. Never had a real one or a clone of. But as I mentioned my first effect was a Muff Fuzz. I found myself quite impressed with the 'Moo. It also helped that I have a mid boost/cut feature on the amp's EQ (parametric? has mid cut/boost knob...
  18. milesdeem

    Any Big Muff Pi lovers?

    It's so Hairy....LOL BTW the 'Moo arrived today....I'll give my short review and a few pics a little later.
  19. milesdeem

    Any Big Muff Pi lovers?

    Yup my first effect was the Muff Fuzz also. Beyond that I have been ignoring EHX until I started building the latest (telecaster-copy)....and it was then I decided upon the MOEN Fuzz Moo, which is one of many chinese clones of the Big Muff Pi design. That Fuzz Moo should be in tomorrow's...
  20. milesdeem


    A few more odd pics.... And I realized I didn't have any pics up showing the back of the beast. Happy 4th/weekend everybody!

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