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  1. Kep

    2018 SG's

    I've worked my hide off for 40 years so far and if I want a $1600 SG Ima gonna have one. Call me all the names you want - I'll dry my tears on the fuzzy inside of the case. I played crappy incorrectly set up guitars for years because I didn't have cash or the sense to know any better. There...
  2. Kep

    Samantha Fish & Her SG

    wow she is something else gotta try to see her live
  3. Kep

    Gibson in financial trouble

    Henry bashing seems popular but is it based on anything other than jealousy or fake internet tough guys? The company is pretty highly leveraged but money is cheap right now. I suspect this article has more to do with departed employees and negotiating the next traunch of bond rates. Now if...
  4. Kep

    Blackwood Tek - the new Rosewood or Ebony

    "Something that those "renewable resources" folks seem to ignore is that every time you harvest trees.." Wow I wonder if that happens with other plants like say corn or tobacco?
  5. Kep

    A thread about strings -- are you manly?

    Almost all GM car horns are F as well.
  6. Kep

    P-90 Pick up Height Screw Ajustment for a SG Junior

    There are some pretty experienced players who think the screws on P-90s do alter the sound noticeably. Not necessarily disagreeing with Paul G especially because how much they do is subjective - they still sound like P-90s no matter how you adjust them and noticeably for me and not that much...
  7. Kep

    What do you think of P90s?

    P-90s are the shizznit. Everyone needs at least two guitars with them. Pro tip: They sound sick in the neck position of Telecasters. FWIW Trucks uses the Duncan Antiquity set in his newer "working" axe
  8. Kep

    A song about the one who didn't get away...

    Very cool. Sounds like a Tele on that lead no?
  9. Kep

    The Jam tread - with jam and backing track

    This is a great thread. When I get back to civilization I will try to record something to contribute.
  10. Kep

    A thread about strings -- are you manly?

    Manly? Let's let the ladies make that call. I run 10s. Used 9s my whole life until I got turned on to PLEK. Part of the change with PLEK is that it makes strings seem lighter - 10s play like 8s or 9s. This is consistent with what your buddy was saying if you think about it Paul G - (if the...
  11. Kep

    Blackwood Tek - the new Rosewood or Ebony

    You are probably correct (as usual) GBall. If only trees were a renewable resource ;-)
  12. Kep

    Anybody use the middle position?

    Yes that's my go to setting. Middle, volumes 8 & 9ish.
  13. Kep

    1 piece body VS 2 piece body

    I wrote previously that 1 out of 40 SGs leaves the factory with a one piece body. I can't prove that but it sounds scientific so I am going with it. There is no evidence other than some anecdotal observations that these are concentrated on particular models but I sure see a lot of custom shop...
  14. Kep

    Annoying neighbour

    As one who prefers total darkness when I sleep I empathize. Why don't you bring a six pack to the person's front door knock and talk about it? You never know the person might be halfway cool. if not it looks like a good way to sight in your .22LR but at least talk to the guy.
  15. Kep

    SG for High Gain

    Doesn't sound like your are leaving much on the table crunch wise. Nice playing.
  16. Kep

    1978 SG '61 Reissue, Ebay (MIJ)

    That thing is sweet looking. I'm a little concerned about bidding on a guitar in Japan. Anyone ever do it before? I guess I have PayPal protection. I just sold one of my cars so clearly I'm in the market for more SGs
  17. Kep

    Worth new caps?

    mmm pie Me gusta pie
  18. Kep


    Not over reaching and man you sound good good good
  19. Kep

    Help me find my strat!

    Go for the Springy Sound man
  20. Kep

    Greta Van Fleet

    I like this band. The SG guy is getting a cool tone. I hope they kick a$$ and take names.

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