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  1. Piper68Special

    This is not a joke ...

    Every "Neck Dive" thread for the next 10 years.
  2. Piper68Special

    Show Us Your Basses

    Sounds pretty good to me-middle position is hum-cancelling. I'm not really a bassist. I bought it at a thrift store long ago and was about to sell it to my local that specializes in Mosrite/Greco/etc. funky stuff but my son (the real bassist) wanted me to get it fixed up for him. He left for...
  3. Piper68Special

    Show Us Your Basses

    Just back from the shop after kicking around for 30 years
  4. Piper68Special

    I need your opinion’s. Help!

    I got the Classic to substitute for my '69 Special-same pickguard/P-90's/Bound Dot Inlay neck. My only regret in trying to match the '69 is the stop bar tail piece. I wish the Classic had the wraparound lightning bar bridge. As far as I can see that's the only non-cosmetic difference and it...
  5. Piper68Special

    I’m Thinking About Getting Another SG!

    I like my Epi Classic a bunch and play it in preference to my beat up '69 Special that needs work. That's it in my avatar pic.
  6. Piper68Special

    Are the two SG P90 models hum cancelling in the middle position?

    My 2020 Epi Classic is not hum-cancelling in the middle position.
  7. Piper68Special

    Legit 1969 Special?

    Looks like mine but with much nicer carve!
  8. Piper68Special

    Youtube SG Fest

    Some Youtubers talking SG's for half an hour.
  9. Piper68Special

    Headstock snapped right off

    Excellent news!
  10. Piper68Special

    SG cases on MF SDOTD!

    Thanks for that!
  11. Piper68Special

    A Tale of Madness, Hubris and Crib-death

    I just made an involuntary, audible "Oh No...."
  12. Piper68Special

    I'm Trying to Track Down a Specific SG Model

    I've done a few tv things playing bagpipes over the years and they used to instruct me to not wear a white shirt. Not a problem these days.
  13. Piper68Special

    Gibson style bridge with extra saddle travel?

    Maybe a Nashville got swapped out for an ABR-1?
  14. Piper68Special

    NGD - Epiphone SG Traditional Pro Molten Gold

  15. Piper68Special

    NAD tomorrow ... or the day after

    I'm liking that "NO" switch!
  16. Piper68Special

    60's Slim Taper

    I haven't handled an early '70s SG but the difference between my '69 Special and 2020 Epi Classic is profound. The main difference I feel is the nut-and therefore neck-width. Getting my thumb to fret the low E string is much easier on the '69. The '69 is deeper and more round. I love playing...
  17. Piper68Special

    Not Payin' $45 .. fer a tip ...

    'Tis the season-maybe it's the Halloween vibe!
  18. Piper68Special

    Found a G400 Vintage today, but...

    No veneer for the Classic Worn either
  19. Piper68Special

    Thoughts on maple necks?

    92bb17437f76baf23ef0c72120ab26f6 by Piper68Special posted Jul 21, 2021 at 9:20 PM Just gotta keep your left arm up high whenever you let go I guess! Seriously though-it strikes me that there's a big center of gravity difference with the 19th fret neck join vs. the '61 style neck join. On a...
  20. Piper68Special

    My first SG (Gibson SGJ or Epiphone G400 Pro)? Help!

    AE13EBAC-5AF6-4B4D-91CD-0A610B72FCAD by Piper68Special posted Jul 11, 2020 at 2:11 PM This Epiphone has nice looking wood with great visdual grain movement, a light finish, no veneer.

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