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  1. Roca

    Distortion Pedal Buzz

    I have a 61 RI maestro and I am having a problem with a loud hum when I kick on my boss distortion pedal. The hum goes down when I touch the strings. I have tried it with other guitars and don't have this problem. Any ideas?
  2. Roca

    My new Epiphone SG, 61 reissue with Vibrola.

    I bought a used one the other day and it should be here Monday. I'm pretty excited for it as I sold my g400 '66 RI a couple years ago to buy a truck.
  3. Roca

    Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Pickups in their SG

    I'm wanting a set for my sg badly!
  4. Roca

    Holy crap!!

    I have the jf-04, it's pretty cool. Only thing is it won't work now. Plugged up correctly, switch works, led works. No sound though.
  5. Roca

    Major Facelift for my '02 SG Special Faded

    Great job!
  6. Roca

    Home Practice Amp

    I finally got a Marshall. Mg30cfx. I love it! Getting sounds I want and low volume.
  7. Roca

    Need a case.

    How is the fitment on both of those?
  8. Roca

    Need a case.

    I'm in the states. Do you have a brand or model name?
  9. Roca

    Need a case.

    Can't find any info on it but what case did you guys buy for your g400 66 reissues? Mine came with a roadrunner gig bag but it's a little short. Most of the time I hang my guitar on the wall. I want something simple, iexspensive but good just to take it with me to the shop or occasional trips.
  10. Roca

    New case?

    What do you think about these?
  11. Roca

    Hello, just bought an SG, loving it

    That pickguard is the reason I bought mine too.
  12. Roca

    Home Practice Amp

    I have exchanged the custom for the blackstar 10. Took it back for an orange crush 12. Took the crush back and finally got a Marshall mg30cfx and a joyo heavy gain distortion pedal for $45!!! I'm so glad I finally got my Marshall and I love it!!!
  13. Roca

    Encore S.G. copy.

    Marshall forum is the exact same thing.
  14. Roca

    Encore S.G. copy.

  15. Roca

    First SG, 1966 G-400 PRO cherry, couldn't be much happier

    They are great guitars! I love mine!
  16. Roca

    NGD! 1976 SG Standard

    Those tuner knobs look cool.
  17. Roca

    Holy crap!!

    I'm on a budget but already interested in pedals. If you could choose a first pedal for an all around type of deal, what do you think about the big muff tone wicker? For a dirty crunchy blues rock.
  18. Roca

    Big or small? You be the judge

    I like the smaller ones. Don't hurt me but I actually like the clipped epiphone head better on a sg than the open book Gibson style.
  19. Roca

    Playing before you buy?

    I had too! I don't know how to play. Lol. Now I know a little but I'm happy with my purchase online.
  20. Roca

    66 reissue nut


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