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  1. Dave Johnson

    Talk to me about P90s?

    Thanks, It was time well spent for sure.
  2. Dave Johnson

    Talk to me about P90s?

    I took this Special that had mini hums. Did a little routing And gave it a trio of P90's, a nice gloss lacquer finish and a Bigsby B7 as well. To say it's an improvement is an understatement. Many good sounding P90's available that won't break the bank.
  3. Dave Johnson

    Some Upgrades for the Birthday Burst

    Love that top, not too flamey but not too plain. That looks like the perfect Lester to me. Only thing I'd change is to black pickup ring mounting screws over the chrome ones, but that's really nitpickin'. Beautiful guitar Logan!
  4. Dave Johnson

    Forum satisfaction survey

    I really don't have an opinion, as I haven't been around here very much lately. But maybe that says it all right there...
  5. Dave Johnson

    Help needed please

    Bridge posts look wrong, body looks like a veneered top, pickup ring mounting screws are chrome, and look to be #3 screws, not black #2 screws like Gibson uses. Just looks way fishy to me.
  6. Dave Johnson

    Show your 3 pickup SGs!

    I was powerless to resist modding my 2005 61RI after seeing Logan's black SG3.
  7. Dave Johnson

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

    I have these two. One started life as a 2005 61RI, the other started life as a 2014 SGJ.
  8. Dave Johnson

    NGD! My '61 reissue.

    That sure is a beauty. The Maestro is the icing on the cake.
  9. Dave Johnson

    Opinions on Gibson 2014 range

    This is a 2014 SGJ. Or at least it started life that way. I kind of threw the stripped down sensibility of the model down the drain, but after a few changes it's become one of my favorite guitars. The low cost made it a great platform for mods. At first I thought the Maple neck would seem odd...
  10. Dave Johnson

    Family pics, let's see 'em !

    Sadly, I'm down to just these two SG's right now.
  11. Dave Johnson

    NGD Ebony Custom

    Ebony & Ivory. Cool!
  12. Dave Johnson

    SG myth's (or truths)

    Myth: Neck dive. Truth: Get a good strap or sit the f*&k down & play.
  13. Dave Johnson


    Dude, you roll with style!
  14. Dave Johnson


    I posted my triple P90 in the beginning of this thread, Since then I've trippled my 61RI. It had to be done... Before After...
  15. Dave Johnson

    And Here They Come... The Triple P90s

    You just can't go wrong with a trio of P90's...
  16. Dave Johnson


    The cap numbers signify a 100v .047uf cap. Perfect for this application. You're headed in the right direction. Love watching the progress in these creative threads.
  17. Dave Johnson

    NGD - 2017 SG Special Mini Humbuckers

    I like it!
  18. Dave Johnson

    Face lift complete (Bigsby content)

    B3, B7, B5 all good. I completely agree, no guitar is complete without a Bigsby. Or three pickups... As you all can see, a couple of them are still incomplete...
  19. Dave Johnson

    Installing Maestro Vibrola

    Perhaps something like this?
  20. Dave Johnson


    Yes Sir! the beauty of independent wiring.

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