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  1. Norton

    Anyone tried the GFS soapbar high output p90s?

    their high output mini hb's are surprisingly good. kind of exactly what you'd expect from a very good but not very spendy pickup. their pickups are pretty decent.
  2. Norton

    Help with identification

    tuners are pretty easy to install to that "factory" standard. My first thought was custom shop or some kind of special run. deeeeeep carves and curves on that guitar.
  3. Norton

    SG 61 Aged Cherry.

    are you buying it to look at or to play? I mean... if you like the guitar but it has a scratch....just play it and that scratch will dissolve into the background of a million scratches. Esp... if you're getting a discount off the top. But what do I know? I have never cared about...
  4. Norton

    Can’t believe Nancy is selling her SG Junior

    I love heart. Ann & Nancy's book is fantastic, ESP the audio book - they read it. But I don't think Nancy is a super deep into Guitar gear geekery.
  5. Norton


  6. Norton

    This is not a joke ...

    I can't believe he paid for a booth.
  7. Norton

    Changing the wraparound bridge

    lightning bar tailpiece/bridges can be buzzy. as long as you've got some sort of set screw option for length adjustments intonation shouldn't be a problem. but it's really hard to argue against the functionality of a wrap tail bridge with saddles. Outside of the look... that is...
  8. Norton

    Cool little restoration video of '73 SG

    not only does this guy have wizard level skills... but his commentary is Always hilarious and illuminating. so good. thanks for posting this!
  9. Norton

    My new P90 don’t fit… help !

    BonJour thedams! Mpls! im in that zip code too. Not to throw another log on the fire... but Have you tried local pickup wizard ted Vig's pickups??? ( vig guitars on snelling ) his p90's are stellar.
  10. Norton

    Anybody use an original 1960s vintage Gibson wraparound bridge with a plain G? (1960s Lightning bolt)

    yes. I had a 60's coronet and never had a problem with 10-48 strings and intonation.
  11. Norton

    Look at that, a new Tony Iommi SG Special.

    No veneer? I like it. But I'd be happy with production SG Special.... those are crazy cool.
  12. Norton

    Why fingerboard binding?

    Doesn't Gibson fret their necks THEN bind them?? That would eliminate the fret end dressing/filing step. which is how the whole binding nibs thing ever happened. On a large scale of Mfg and with jigs/workstations etc. it's got to be quicker and easier to cut the binding than to...
  13. Norton

    Triple Humbucker SG Question

    freeway 6 way toggle. the best.
  14. Norton

    69 SG Special—Help, Is It Worth It?

    you're going to want to play that guitar first. late 60's early 70's Gibsons have some WILDLY different neck shapes and sizes. I'm not sure if the price for this particular guitar is high... But I know that $5k can buy you a whole lot of guitar and that era is really hit or miss...
  15. Norton

    Not sure which guitar I have

    defintely a legit early 90's late 80's epiphone
  16. Norton

    Neck dive ?

    no love for the Dean V?!! I've got an early 2000's gold top V that plays and sounds incredible. apparently the headstock is a love/hate thing?? I'm gonna land on love.
  17. Norton

    Next idea

    I'm with Juan. but it does look kinda cool .
  18. Norton

    Randy Rhoads Gibson SG

    man.... randy makes Angus look like a giant
  19. Norton

    Adjusting nut slot depth

    it's not worth trying if you don't use actual nut files. Yes... it is possible to slot nuts with welding tip files and strings super glued to something.. but if you want to get it right the first time I'd suggest at least a set of the Hosco gauged nut files. the String height dial is...
  20. Norton

    Custom Shop 61 SG Les Paul Reissue vs 60th Anniversary 61 Standard - what’s the difference?

    neck joint? their lp reissues have been 1 piece bodies in the past?