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  1. trypeus

    What is your favorite guitar ?

    Aw, I'm going to join the heretics...
  2. trypeus

    My gibson sg

    Ref: The Shaggs - must be at that point when someone posts: 'Careful what you say that's my sister/mum'...
  3. trypeus

    My Gibson SG Monkey Repro

    Lovely job.
  4. trypeus

    Ultimate Gibson SG - Does it exist?

    The ultimate one is....the next one....
  5. trypeus

    2021 Gibson SG Standard-soft case

    Needs to be a hard case - end of story.
  6. trypeus

    New SG Special Colors

    I love Pelham blue...
  7. trypeus

    Custom Shop Case Problems?

    Ha! You ought to see the case I got with a S/H American F-word guitar that rhymes with belly-blaster. I knew it was damaged but the regulation case hadn't enjoyed being dropped - cheap, brittle plastic. Protected the guitar though and I got it at a great price. - Usual thing, went in to buy a...
  8. trypeus

    NGD - Gibson SG Standard '61 Demo Shop Mod

    Great pups on this one - I prefer 'em covered but they have a killer tone. Harder edged than 57 classics but just roll a bit of treble off and you're away.
  9. trypeus

    Let's mug YouTube and share a favorite SG moment or two

    Ref: NUTZ - this is an older Mick Devonport - he still loves an SG...
  10. trypeus

    Let's mug YouTube and share a favorite SG moment or two

    Saw these guys loads of times back in the day.
  11. trypeus

    2006 Standard with lightning bolt inlays

    One of my local cash converters has a cherry 2006 SG Standard (017160687). Weirdly it has lightning bolt inlays in the rosewood fretboard (they aren't stickers). Plain truss rod cover, no other 'Angus' appointments. Any of you learned guys have any thoughts on this?
  12. trypeus

    Which would you rather?

    I have two SGs, a 'burst' standard with 57 classic pups and a Pelham Blue special with p90s - bases covered...
  13. trypeus

    Which player(s) attracted you to the SG?

    So many used SGs...
  14. trypeus

    Which player(s) attracted you to the SG?

    Many years ago I had an SG copy (not Epiphone) which had an equally fake Bigsby on it. The tone was great and it played OK, albeit with heavy gauge strings to counteract the Bigsby. Anyhoo, I lost the tip of a finger and when I got back to trying to play it was painful, so I traded that guitar...
  15. trypeus

    Replacement pickups

    I'd keep the P90s and look to buy another SG but with Humbuckers...
  16. trypeus

    New SG Jr: Ridiculous errors!! Should I write to Gibson?

    Set up well or not, there's issues that even the best set up won't fix. A SH model that I looked at was well set up and played beautifully, it also had a gorgeous looking rosewood fretboard with a red flame down one side for about half the length of the neck from the headstock down...
  17. trypeus

    New SG Standard's Backorder Time

    I think a lot of it is due to Covid lockdowns, especially people now on WFH - I saved enough on commute money that I wasn't spending to buy an SG.
  18. trypeus

    In an SG Standard: 490's or '61's ?

    I love 57's but if you want something with more 'bite' 61 zebras.
  19. trypeus

    Anyone else got pickups cutting thru pickguard?

    The bottom ring looks smaller than the top one - would they swap?
  20. trypeus

    Hello Guys! I want to buy Les Paul DC Spacial with p90,

    Weirdly, I recall Leslie West saying that the DC Juniors tended not to be as good as the SC LPJ. From memory all his SCLPJs had been great, but finding a DC that 'did it' for him was problematic.