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  1. MR D

    Help identifying SG

    WOW, Super SWEET SG CUSTOM you got there. Your Dad must ROCK ! if you cant get $3 Grand for it, KEEP IT.....its value will only go up from here on !
  2. MR D


    Yeah, thats BAD-A$$.....dioes that have the Volute too ?... it has Tarbacks in it, yes? and it probably weighs in over 8 Lbs. ? Oh, I know that axe is a CANNON !! BION, I'd rather get a '73-'79 SG Standard than one of the older ones (unless I could get a 1966)...more BANG for the BUCK$$$ and I...
  3. MR D

    Gibson SG Faded (2004)

    Yo Skelt, U kno, I did not drill the holes for the 4 corners.....I just couldn't bring myself to drill holes in a brand new SG Standard. So, of course, there is a minor bit of an annoying buzz when playing um-plugged....I might go the foam under pickup route really soon.
  4. MR D

    61R & 61T pickups...Like the neck pickup but the bridge isn't my favorite...suggestions?

    YO SNAKE, my thoughts exactly, SUGGESTION: put a '57 Classic in the bridge and you will be set ! OR MAYBE even a '57 Classic +...A guy from the Custom shop told me back in the '90's that GIBSON's sound best w/A5 magnet pickups in the neck position and A2 or, even better, A3 Magnet...
  5. MR D

    Gibson SG Faded (2004)

    You can put a pickup ring on the Bridge pickup to get the pickup to sit more parallel to the strings....thats the ole Angus Young maneuver !
  6. MR D

    Gibson SG STD refret

    You can call GIBSON and they will tell you the fret-wire number.... BUT, IIRC, the size that is most commonly used by GIBSON USA is 6130 (call 1800 GIBSON and make sure !). They are called Medium Jumbo and I don't remember why its called 6130 or how deep the tang goes (.020"?) or how tall...
  7. MR D

    Is this a Standard ?

    looks OK to me, what Tuning Machines are those (STOCK ?)........the SG wiki page says the neck is '50's rounded and it should have 490/498 pickups, it they are it has Alnico 2 and Alnico 5 magnet pickups, perfect ! Fat Neck, check ! A2 & A5 pickups, check ! Looks like a winner to...
  8. MR D


    I've been meaning to ask if either of the '70's SG's you had, had a 3 piece neck ? Not all of them did BUT I did actually have a '79 SG that had a 3 piece neck........I could never really tell if it made a difference at I guess it didn't, BUT collectors go berserk over those !
  9. MR D


    This reply got all messed up...BUT I KNOW, that guitar is a CANNON ! I have the 'Original' (almost the same axe, ALMOST !) and I put a '61 T in the Bridge position to go with the '57 Classic in the Neck position..making the Middle toggle position blistering !...I had bought a 2020 SG Standard...
  10. MR D

    Help: SG issue new strings. what was the DEALIO ? I actually wanna hear this......
  11. MR D


    WOW, NOICE ! I have one of 2019 GIBSON USA called the one I got an SG 'Original'. In 2019 the SG 'Original' was the only SG GIBSON issued w/'57 Classic pickup's out of the factory ! The SG 'Original' was an 'EXCLUSIVE' THAT YEAR from AMS dot com and 1 or 2 other on-line retailers had...
  12. MR D

    SG 61 Aged Cherry.

    I know what you mean about the Aged Cherry finish...I got 2 guitars with it a 2018 EXPLORER w/Gold Hardware and a 2019 SG Original and both are ROCKIN, especially the SG w/Chrome Maestro and Hardware really is BAD-A$$ colour and can look ebony in the right light......! IDK if the 1st one...
  13. MR D

    I have the best SG change my mind

    The only way I could offer an opinion is after I played it....However, the number of SG's that I have right now is down to three, and all 3 will give any SG out there a run for their money ! But #1 is #1 by a long stretch...... a 2017 SG Standard 100% STOCK...'57's, Locking Grover TM's, Rolled...
  14. MR D

    Do Grovers look "right" on an SG?

    Yep, that's the BAD-A$$'s right there.....I spent the extra $$$ and got the CHROME Tulip's and they are BADA$$-ERY ! I cant post pics as usual with this web site (or my computer !) for whatever reason ('Files too big' etc ).... it was less than $125 for the set of 6 with the buttons switched to...
  15. MR D

    Do Grovers look "right" on an SG?

    BRO, U Can get them from ATLANTIC CUSTOM GUITARS dot com (or call them in Raleigh, North Carolina )....I got two sets of them when I bought the KLUSON REVOLUTIONS.they look BAD-A$$...your right about the Kidneys...almost hideous, they are !.. I had to swap out the plastic-oid buttons that were...
  16. MR D

    Do Grovers look "right" on an SG?

    Bro, You can get them from Atrlantic Custom Guitars....
  17. MR D

    Help with identification

    In 2000 GIBSON Custom Shop asked $4,000.00++++ for that SG Special ? WOW! I'D HAV PROBABLY PASSSSSSED ! as for the ID'ing...I'm goin w/Mr Gasket on this one..I've never seen him wrong on an ID, especially an SG SPECIAL ! !
  18. MR D

    What do you think of 490R and 490T pickups in an SG?

    the '57 Classic & '61R I replaced the 490's with were both already wired as Quick-Connects........swappin out the 490's was really easy and took less than an hour. This particular SG Standard went from being an OK Guitar w/490's to being a MONSTER of a Guitar with the '61R (Neck) & '57 Classic...
  19. MR D

    What do you think of 490R and 490T pickups in an SG?

    Well, TBH , they aren't bad pickups but they are far from GIBSON USA's best pickups, a lot of players like them. But, IMO ? GIBSON USA has some nerve putting their cheapest pickups (any of the 490 series pickups) in a STANDARD series guitar, especially now with all the price increases. I got...

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