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    Fishman Loudbox Mini

    Excellent or better condition. Minimal use in my home only. $250 shipped and PayPal 'd to lower 48.
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    PRS P22

    Artist Package with RW neck and ebony board. 2012 near mint condition. Includes AP case and candy. $2,500 shipped to lower 48 with PayPal. More pics by email if interested. %5BURL= Uploads/IMG_0439_zpsemoxzenf.jpg.html][/URL]...
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    Suhr\CAA PT100 and Forte 212 Cab...

    loaded withe Scumback M75's. Both items are in near mint condition. Looking for a New Jersey cash and carry $2,600 .
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    NGD- PRS

    Arrived yesterday. PS McCarty 594.
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    New Clapton Strat

    I decided to add a non-bucker to the stable. I've been testing it out for a couple of weeks. It's staying with me.
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    P94's in a SG VOS

    Has anyone replaced Custom Buckers with P94's in a SG VOS? Thoughts and experiences appreciated.
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    Finally Getting Along with my 2013 SG VOS

    In July of 2013 I picked up a 2013 LP R9 VOS. Instant bonding and the love affair started. In April 2014 I sold a PRS. On a nostalgic whim, I ordered the 2013 SG VOS, ten minutes after the PRS PayPal cleared. I had only once before played an SG for about 15 minutes in 1974. Nothing about the...
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    FS: Suhr KokoBoost

    It is in near mint condition. Totally clean boost side and versatile mid boost side. Check out the reviews/demos. $190 shipped to the lower 48 with PayPal gift.
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    New 2013 SG VOS

    Here is a quick pic. I took a flyer on this because the only time I played an SG was for about 15 minutes in 1974. My regular guitar is a LP R9. Radically different in terms of ergonomics. I need some muscle memory retraining as the neck on the SG feels much longer. Played a lot of F#...
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    2013 SG Standard VOS and Strap Locks

    My SG is not due to arrive until Tuesday. My question is are the original strap lock screws compatible with Schaller Strap Locks without modification, ie toothpicks? My 2013 LP VOS R9 is not. Thanks.
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    New Guy Here

    Hello all. Yesterday I bought a 2013 SG Standard VOS so I decided to join the Forum. It's due to arrive next Tuesday and I'm already watching the clock. My other guitars are a Les Paul R9 VOS and a PRS P22. I'm playing through a Suhr PT100 and a Marshall Vintage Modern connected to a...

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