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  1. ricardo_vicente

    Classic 57 / P94 combination. Opinions? Experience?

    Hi folks, I have a 2014 Standard .... You may remember it, it's this one: I have since put in a set of P94s as I am a big fan of P90s. The guitar sounds great but I still have the 57 Classics and got to thinking ... A P90-type pickup in the neck often works really well with a humbucker in...
  2. ricardo_vicente

    NAD Vox AC15 HW1

    Today I kept a promise I made to myself a while ago ... I had been through quite a few different amps, finally settling on my AC30 CC1 (head and cab version) as my main amp for gigging, but then I gave up actively playing (at least anywhere where I could play loud), so I got rid of lots of...
  3. ricardo_vicente

    Mooer pedals - rough demo of various mini pedals

    As a fun little project, I bough myself one of the Mooer cases for 6 effects and set about building a mini version of my main pedal board. I completed the setup with the Mooer Repeater digital delay this morning and knocked up a quick demo. Apologies for the distorted sound. It is partly due to...
  4. ricardo_vicente

    Jason Voorhees Flying V signature model

    I was watching "Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan" the other night - yeah, seriously - and one of the victims of the film is a young girl who plays a purple Flying V. In her first scene she is miming to music played on her stereo and I notice there's a part in the guitar solo with...
  5. ricardo_vicente

    "Love in the City" - transistor one

    transistor one was my band for a couple of years whilst I was living in the Caneries. Great bunch of lads. We had a lot of fun and managed to record an album's worth of songs during our short existence. Heres' one of them. Thanks for listening ...
  6. ricardo_vicente

    Replacing Min-ETune unit and tuners with traditional manual tuners/machine heads

    Here are a few photos showing how I replaced the Min-ETune unit and machine heads on my 2014 SG Standard. It was a simple process which required no reaming. The headstock holes for the pegs of the machine heads are a standard Gibson size (roughly 10mm diameter) and will take standard Gibson...
  7. ricardo_vicente

    I'm back ... in more ways than one (NGD)

    Hi folks, It's been a while, and it's been a while in the Gibson/SG wilderness for me too. Pull up a seat; this is a long story ... Just over ten years ago, I acquired my first "proper" guitar. After years of playing a Korean ES-335 copy, I was earning reasonable money for the first time and...
  8. ricardo_vicente

    "Let it Tea"

    Look what I got for an extra 1 Euro with today's "El País" newspaper .... The Beatles "tea-mastered"! ;D I missed the first in the series with last week's Sunday paper but I'll try and make sure I collect the rest. They're doing one a week with a run of all the album...
  9. ricardo_vicente

    New Limited Edition American Standard Telecaster

    Well, I've gone a bit "Fender mad" of late and decided I had to revisit the world of Telecasters. I looked at lots of Mexican models (I'm a big fan of the quality they produce for the price) but in the end the American Standard had exactly the right configuration for me. In the end...
  10. ricardo_vicente

    My demo of the Vox AC4TV

    I've just picked up this amp myself and a friend of mine who's thinking of buying one of these amps but hasn't got the opportunity to try one out asked me to do a demo video. The main aim of the video is to demonstrate the amp at levels I consider reasonable for at home. (He's a bit concerned...
  11. ricardo_vicente

    My Strat has arrived

    Well, my first ever Stratocaster has arrived. It's a Fender MIM Standard Robert Cray Hardtail model. And I have to say, it's a cracking litle guitar. In 22 years of playing guitar I've hardly ever touched a Strat but the time had come to get myself my own. Buying online was maybe a bit of a...
  12. ricardo_vicente

    Took my first ever guitar lesson .... wish I'd kept one of my SGs!

    Finally, after 22 years of playing the guitar, I decided it was time to take some lessons. Yeah, I know ... I've got quite a long way by teaching myself and playing by ear - and always took the singer/rhythm guitarist role in the band anyway. But I now find myself wanting to learn some theory...
  13. ricardo_vicente

    Country Joe and the Fish (including SG content)

    Very cool!
  14. ricardo_vicente

    The nice man from UPS just dropped off this box ...

    Ooooh! What could it be? Hmmmm! Gibson Custom case .... Oooh, you tease .... Well, it's "authentic" whatever it is ... It's my new ..... ..... Gibson ES-335 Plain Top Dot Reissue in Vintage Sunburst A friend of mine got himself one of these in Heritage Cherry...
  15. ricardo_vicente

    Another dream come true ... my new 330/12 JG

    As a young lad I always dreamed of owning my own Rickenbacker 12 string. When I grew up (well, got older) and finally had the funds, I intially went for a six string (330 FG) in order to get the most use of, what for me was a big investment. Two years later and I am forunate enough to be able to...
  16. ricardo_vicente

    "Show unread posts since last visit" function not working

    Had a problem with this search function for a long time now. No matter how many posts have been made since my last visit, the link never shows any results/threads, i.e. a completely empty list. The "show answers to you posts" link on the other hand works fine. Any ideas anyone?
  17. ricardo_vicente

    I could have sworn I'd asked for TV Yellow! ;-) - My refinished LP DC

    You may remember when I picked up this guitar a few months ago, it was faded cherry. I'm pretty happy with the white refinish.
  18. ricardo_vicente

    Just picked up a new guitar (Les Paul Special DC worn cherry with P90s)

    This came up on eBay for a reasonable price so I snapped it up and extended my ever growing stable of P90-equipped guitars. Picked it up today. I was particularly pleased to discover the nut is nicely cut and the frets are properly filed down. No razor blades on he edge of the neck! It's in...
  19. ricardo_vicente

    What type of magnet is used in a modern Gibson P-90?

    I pretty much asked the question in the title. Anyone know what Gibson is using? The P-94s have Alnico Vs but do the regular P-90s have Alnico II or Alnico V magnets? Just for future reference because I sometimes consider having the magnets in my Rick pickups changed or having them completely...
  20. ricardo_vicente

    My new Ibanez Artcore bass

    I was craving a semi-acoustic shortscale bass for some Chris Hillman sounds and this little beauty delivered without really breaking the bank. Cute ain't she! Here's a quick clip too ...

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