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    Refinish Idea - Need feedback!

    Looks awesome, can't wait to see the finished product! It does look like Go Mango, you should give some thought to a Sublime or Panther Pink stablemate! :dude:
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    a little support for ex-smoker

    I quit about 4 years ago after smoking for 30yrs. I used the Nicolette gum to help ease the cravings, then dropped the gum while i had a cold. Took about 6 months total, I now chew regular gum as need be, i find it helps with the cravings. On that point, I have heard many say that once you have...
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    Thought I left these behind in Texas

    Had them up here in western Canada from time to time. We don't see enough of them to be used to it so when they appear it scares the crap out of everyone.
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    Sg Special or Sg standard

    I concur with the above sentiments. 1k for a new standard, well worth it.
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    How important is a guitars 'feel' to you?

    +1 I have had many types of finishes on numerous guitars, and to me, the shape and contour of the neck are more important than the finish.
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    The ETSG Vintage Car thread

    "Pass the Grrrrey Poupon!"
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    whats your favorite song with a sg in it

    Never heard of Sweet? Desolation Boulevard?:)
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    Poll: Favorite SG Color

    Heritage Cherry 1st, TV yellow close second. Imagine, a Tele guy liking yellow!
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    whats your favorite song with a sg in it

    Anything by AC/DC.
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    The ETSG Vintage Car thread

    Second Choice: '69 Hurst S/C Rambler. With 1512 total production, somewhat hard to find.
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    The ETSG Vintage Car thread

    Had the opportunity to do some work on a '67 with the Tri Power 427 a number of years ago. Sweet car.
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    50s vs 60 necks

    I know my '07 Standard has a chunkier neck than say a '61 RI. Don't know if its as meaty as a 50's LP, but I'd describe it as quite Fender like. Feels a lot like my MIM Tele.
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    The ETSG Vintage Car thread

    I'll take one of these: '69 SS AMX.
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    is your SG balanced?

    Mine is balanced, but I have played others that are not. My SG does feel a bit heavier than the unbalanced ones I have tried.
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    I hate internet explorer!!!!!!!!!

    Mine used to do the same thing on Vista. Did a scan with Malwarebytes and it cleaned up the problem. Don't remember exactly what it was it found but it did fix the issue. I always have a copy of Malware on my hard drive and have multiple browsers installed, that way I can install the Malware...
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    How many of you have moved your strap button?

    I also own a LTD Viper which has the button located on the back side of the upper horn out near the tip. That guitar exhibits more neck dive than my real SG even though the body is a lot heavier.
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    NGD - Cherry Standard

    That's a big reason I like my Standard, mine feels very Fenderish and that just feels right at home to me.
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    Is G.A.S a serious probelm ?

    Yep! Nuff said.
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    My awesome pawnshop find !

    Very nice!!! Can't beat the price that's for sure!