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  1. ghostwolf

    SG (Super Gonorrhea)

    S.E. Asia has engendered stories of that strain of clap since the '70s at least.
  2. ghostwolf

    Iommi’s big knobs have arrived!

    Very nice. What bridge is that?
  3. ghostwolf

    Forum Server Migration

    Yep, all under one roof..
  4. ghostwolf

    A fruitless plea/rant

    i admire your restraint, Sir. Had that happened to me, i'm afraid 5-0 would have been called in before the dust settled.
  5. ghostwolf

    Can't believe how many hits them spam threads are getting.

    Yes, i am. And i still have a life.
  6. ghostwolf

    Can't believe how many hits them spam threads are getting.

    Can't believe they're still up.
  7. ghostwolf

    Is there any way we could recruit new mods?

    Same owner, same lack of interest and effort.
  8. ghostwolf

    Attacked from Malaysia Onliine Casino

    Admin follows a "hands off" approach to owning forums.
  9. ghostwolf

    Was blind but now can see

    Been procrastinating on having mine done, thankyou for the encouraging words.
  10. ghostwolf

    G-400 Faded vs G-400 Pro

    i own one of each, vastly prefer the faded. It has a (fractionally) slimmer neck, IF your guitar is the 'right' piece of wood, the '57CH p'ups are decent, the newer ones in the Pro series sound rather lame to me, whichever guitar i try them in. The push/pull switching just sucks, imo. Polished...
  11. ghostwolf

    Volunteering at a local shelter

    Ben, is that you? Think i may know you from someplace else?
  12. ghostwolf

    Volunteering at a local shelter

    Hi, buddy. Great thing you're doing. My dog Bear was a rescue.
  13. ghostwolf

    Any Explorer owners here?

    i built this one; does it count?
  14. ghostwolf

    Pet Peaves

    Any votes for guitars shipped packed 'snugly' with foam peanuts?
  15. ghostwolf

    Pet Peaves

    Or cooking instructions on microwavable food packages....
  16. ghostwolf

    DIMEBAG on the SG, AMERICAN HERO, gone too soon....

    Buddy of mine knew Dime from the bar-band days in Dallas before Pantera 'made it'. Says Dime really was a nice guy, who loved his fans. What a sad thing.
  17. ghostwolf

    Glued Neck Question

    Dry run is your friend here. Install both E string tuners into the headstock, the tailpiece & bridge studs & respective hardware. Find 2 old strings, wind them onto the tuner posts. At this point, you're asking"what holds things together?" aren't you? Answer: the clamp you'll use to glue it...
  18. ghostwolf

    Help needed with lacquer on headstock

    That "glassy' look on the headstock is the result of multiple coats of lacquer being sprayed, then wet sanded to an even, dulled surface, then polished with polishing compound, then progressively finer polishes. there is no corner-cutting in doing a good finish. It takes time, and most...
  19. ghostwolf

    Fret wear/"dents"

    Level & crown should do it.
  20. ghostwolf

    Guitars and hair.

    i'm 64, my hair is still the original blond, still have all of it, and it's 2/3 of the way to my ass in length.