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    Real or Fake 70's SG?

    I appears to be authentic-Id say its a '73 or so-the non beveled cutaways, paddle head, wide bridge and logo pups date it to '71-73. The lack of serial number is due to the poor refinish job-that guitar has been extensively sanded and the Gibson branded bigsby removed.....
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    Help with Custom SG

    Interesting neck joint on that one...looks like its been sanded down or something-theres no "step"....the body looks like its been "re countoured" to look like a 60's ......nice guitar, but I think its had some "beautification"....hopefully that third pickup is a...
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    Which SG is this?

    Actually , these Pro's are kinda rare as most of them suffered catastrophic decapitations due to the weak neck joint (the extra route for the p90's takes a lot of the support away from an already poorly designed neck joint). These guitars were really the ONLY choice back in the early 70's for a...
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    Which SG is this?

    1971-73 PRO.....looks like it has been been refinished, but these are awesome guitars. A LOT of them didnt survive because the oversized P-90 route makes for a very delicate neck joint......This guitar would have had a gibson branded bigsby type trem on it (they all had 'em)...if you look close...
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    Some new pictures of my 62 Ebony Block

    Thats my "Holy Grail" :Droolin:
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    1993 Korina SG

    I have had one of these for at least the last ten years-supposedly they made 500 of them-its a Korina body with a red wood stripe in the center. I have a couple of questions...does anyone know the specs of this guitar ? Namely -what pickups are in it ? Also, Im a little confused at the date of...
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    1972 sg standard pickups

    Sounds like you have a bad coil on that should read around 7.6 OHM
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    My GOLD Raw Power and old

    Yea, yea ...thats the ticket-that way I can add some gold sparkle to the silicone and it will really match my gold toofisses !
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    My GOLD Raw Power and old

    What a great idea, I could glue it all around the pickguard !
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    My GOLD Raw Power and old

    I think I found a solution....this medallion was kicking around in the tool box for a while...its about the size of a quarter and completely smooth on the back-I used some "glue dots" from the craft store to attach it-and yes, I left the plastic on the guard so its not a permanent mod...
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    Prop Reamer for enlarging holes for tuner peg holes.

    I always use a fine toothed rattail file to enlarge the holes-you have much more control...first use a tap tap to bevel the edge of the hole to avoid splinters..
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    Good Rats

    WOW...The Good RATS ! I have not heard that name in DECADES ! I just HAVE to pull out those old LP's....... thanks for jogging my memory ! Tasty !
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    My GOLD Raw Power and old

    Well, your 1/2 right ...its not a "Pro"...the Pro had p-90's. There was no "standard" model in was referred to as the "deluxe" There were actually 5 models offered in 1972..the "Custom" (three pups, gold hardware), The "Deluxe" (two Pu...
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    My GOLD Raw Power and old

    Ok, no problem.. on couch left to right : on Floor Left to Right: 1978 Ibanez Earl Scruggs 1977 Ibanez Earl Scruggs (B) 1972 Gibson SG Pro 1979 Ibanez Marcel Dadi (1 of 24) 1977 Ibanez Earl...
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    My GOLD Raw Power and old

    Dont worry dbb, although my gigging days are pretty much behind me, Im retired and still get to play at least a couple of hours a day and enjoy an neighborhood jam now and then, especially in the spring/summer. I belong to a blues group (affectionly known as the "Over the Hill " gang)...
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    My GOLD Raw Power and old

    I hear you..its actually still got the plastic covering on the entire pickguard.....heres the thing..I'm a collector-I have well over 450 guitars in my collection, including some 70 or so SG's........all VINTAGE. This guitar was a christmas present I bought myself because I got a new job (since...
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    My GOLD Raw Power and old

    This guitar caught my eye this last christmas...I have always liked SG's and Gold tops so this "Raw Power" was a natural for me...and I was courious about the maple neck... Well last night I spent some time on this guitar.. Changed the pups to BB Pro's with vintage logo covers...
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    Newb saying hello! Video included / Question on Identifying my SG.

    Gotta love the ole paddle heads! Anyway looks like a lot of mods on this guitar including the pickups and the selector switch...I really like the necks on these, nice and thin
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    Weird and unidentified SG...must see !

    Yep, they are calling it a Elegant in Fire Mist........??
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    Weird and unidentified SG...must see !

    Yep, the serial number starts with a "CS" and then 5 digits-unlike the typical production serial number