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  1. dbb

    I have no more SG's, nothing new to see y'all around the net!

    I have no more SG's, nothing new to see y'all around the net!
  2. dbb

    Let's see your archtops!

    Argentines, like Django did.
  3. dbb

    Let's see your archtops!

    My jazz guitars, a 175 (well I play rock on it too) and an old Kay with a carved top, new neck, new Gretsch pickup.
  4. dbb

    Let's see your archtops!

    The Selmer copy - yes it is an archtop, as is the mandolin on the table
  5. dbb

    Let's see your archtops!

    that's my trapeze 335 I should never have sold that guitar
  6. dbb

    Let's see your archtops!

    My hollow body bass more....
  7. dbb

    Let's see your archtops!

    With trapeze tailpiece! I love it!
  8. dbb

    Where did you get your start in music?

    I started on a Top Value (or was it Green Stamps) 'ukulele about 1969-70. I got into guitar and bass and was gigging by 1972. School band was a help, both in terms of technique and connections.
  9. dbb

    Epiphone Viola Bass

    I have the same instrument branded "Stadium". It's a great sound and quite the bang-for-the-buck. It's a one-trick pony but it does that one sounds SO well.....
  10. dbb

    Fretless guitar

    Who needs a fretless guitar? The oud is the original fretless guitar!
  11. dbb

    Dumb and getting dumber.

    The drop in IQ is explained well in the opening scenes of "Idiocracy"
  12. dbb

    Greg Lake dies, aged 69.

    Which he got in August each year. RIP
  13. dbb

    Let's hope this is the last for 2016

    One of my heros. RIP
  14. dbb

    Who is the biggest guitar hoarder here?

    Now it's 8, I've been using a Mustang for small gigs!
  15. dbb

    Merry Tiki Christmas

    I recorded this for a project last year, and want to share. Mele Kalikimaka. Have a rum drink with a paper umbrella!
  16. dbb

    Pick any 5

    Well we all think our nonna's recipes are best. Nice to know Vagabondo's still around. And next time I'm in the area I'll try your suggestions. Thanks!
  17. dbb

    Pick any 5

    Well, we all have our standards! So who still makes GOOD old-school Italian food in the NYC area? I used to like Oggi's and Il Vagabondo.
  18. dbb

    tone chasers and sork cniffers

    I play a lot of gigs with easy to find budget gear. Other than my 175, all my other guitars are under 800 bucks retail, most a lot less, and currently the Mustang I V.2 gets used most. No one cares what gear I use - I have never had a client ask about my amps or guitars when booking me.
  19. dbb

    Pick any 5

    Yeah, Tony, life is good. How's things in NY?
  20. dbb

    Pick any 5

    EASY 1. 70's ES335 w/ trapeze tailpiece 2. 60's SG special 3. SHo-Bud pedal Steel 4. Fender BF Showman amp 5. 15" JBL for above amp

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