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  1. No Talent

    NGD SG jr

    I bought a Gibson SG Junior at the end of 2020 since it was one of my bucket list guitars at the time. It is currently my only Gibson and only SG. My other guitar is a MIM Telecaster with roasted maple neck I pieced together a few months after I bought the SG. I have to be honest, there's...
  2. No Talent

    Gibson raised prices in the US on most products starting yesterday

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned here, or on any other websites so far is that the price for the SG Junior is still the same at $1399.
  3. No Talent

    Show me your Telecasters

    In April - May of this year I built a Tele out of mostly Fender parts (except the neck which is an All Parts style Japanese neck of unknown origin.) After pricing a similar model on the Fender website I was able to build one for just over half with almost identical parts. My first partscaster...
  4. No Talent

    Which would you rather?

    I don't know that I ever had, or ever will have ~$4600+ to spend on a single guitar. Right now all my guitar gear total is around $2800 and that includes two guitars, one amp, and a couple pedals. If I saved up for a couple years and sold my 2020 SG jr I'm sure I could by a custom shop SG or...
  5. No Talent

    Ultimate SG?

    Sounds like you already have a very good idea of what you want. If you want a baked maple fretboard then option 1 or 3 are great options. Personally I would go for the Jaydee if he will do a baked maple fretboard. If you like rosewood fretboards, or they are not a make or break kind of deal...
  6. No Talent

    Some SGs and Les Pauls

    Amazing collection of guitars! I can't play for sh*t and I'm still jealous :rofl: I would be happy to own any and all of those guitars. If I was single I might have half of that collection :D
  7. No Talent

    NGD SG featherweight!

    2020 - 2021 SG Standard for $900 in that condition is a steal these days. Even at a discount they sell for around $1200 - $1300 new in these parts and you got an extra hard case. As others have already mentioned if the scale is accurate 5.5 lbs. is ridiculously light for the model of SG. Very...
  8. No Talent

    NAD! Supro Delta King 10 5w 1x10 combo.

    Thanks! Sounds like I will need to test drive the Supro at my local guitar store to confirm I like the sounds coming from it. All the videos I have watched online I like it a lot so far. The Marshall Origin 20c does have separate master and gain volume controls, and 3 different...
  9. No Talent

    NAD! Supro Delta King 10 5w 1x10 combo.

    Very nice! I like it in white. I was considering selling my Marshall Origin 20C and buying this or another similar 5 watt amp. The problem with the Marshall is that I either need to use a pedal for overdrive, or it is loud as heck to get there. Is the Supro capable of a loud TV volume level...
  10. No Talent

    Handwired Controls and Orange Drop Capacitors

    I've heard/read some people with Gibson SG specials built in mid 2019 having the traditional wiring so all the 2020's should have traditional wiring. But it's Gibson and sometimes odd things happen.
  11. No Talent

    Good replacement P90s for SG Classic?

    I agree with what flatrock says above. If you are primarily playing 60's and 70's music I find the stock Gibson P90's can cover from jazz to classic rock very well when paired with the right pots and wiring harness. I've have owned the following Gibsons with stock p90's and never found them...
  12. No Talent

    sg fever

    Honestly, watching that part of the video makes me second guess owning a Gibson on some level. I want to support American labor/companies or I would have just bought an Epiphone or similar guitar. As has been said before, a CNC machine doesn't care what country it's installed in or what...
  13. No Talent

    New Gibson PHONE CASES !

    The only seem to have them for various iphone models most likely because they are the people most likely to spend $65 on a freakin' phone case. I personally find the case really hideous looking and a waste of good rosewood, but for some reason I still kind of want one :rofl:
  14. No Talent

    Meet Scaramanga

    Looks great! I really like the rosewood fretboard against the metallic gold body. I too just finished building a partscaster, a Tele with mostly Fender parts. Cost me less than half of what it would have cost to build/buy a guitar with the same specs though Fender.
  15. No Talent

    2020 Epi Standard vs 61

    I test drove two 2020 Epiphone SGs. One was the Muse, the other was the SG special with P90's. Both had slimmer C shaped necks and the Muse seemed slightly fuller to me but as we know there can be small variation in neck size even on the same model guitars. The shop does have some Epiphone SG...
  16. No Talent

    What is everyone’s thoughts on the current Standards?

    I will admit I don't have all the facts and data and I never claimed to. There is one major error or omission in regards to your calculation and statement above. While the guitar price seems like it is indeed cheaper, it is actually more expensive to the average buyer because in the US the...
  17. No Talent

    New Gibson USA Limited Edition Kirk Douglas Signature SG Custom

    Very cool guitars, the inverness green one looks especially tasty. I wonder if it will age like the older inverness green models? I always like the darker blue/green hue of the aged inverness green finish. That is way more than I would want to pay for a guitar so I can only admire them from a...
  18. No Talent

    What is everyone’s thoughts on the current Standards?

    All I said is that there has been a more noticeable price hike recently I didn't want to get into the multiple factors for the how or why, or whether the price increase is justified. So what I say still stands. There has been a significant price hike in the last few years compared across...

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