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  1. AngelDeVille

    Three knobs on my SG, total confusion.

    sweet geetar! 1992 alpine white 2018 alpine white
  2. AngelDeVille

    replacing mini humbuckers with p90’s. anyone done this?

    Depends on the route, some have raised sections at the corners for the mini trim ring, some do not. A screw driver and 3 minutes would determine what you have. the universal plate is fine and dandy but would require machine screws for the p90. most p90’s come with wood screws and direct to the...
  3. AngelDeVille

    Bigsby or Bigsby clones with a Vibramate?

    wtf are you quoting? I don’t call anyone bro
  4. AngelDeVille

    This is not a joke ...

    It is very much a joke.
  5. AngelDeVille

    Bigsby or Bigsby clones with a Vibramate?

    Bloody worth it
  6. AngelDeVille

    Bigsby or Bigsby clones with a Vibramate?

    Vibramate works well, bigsby clones are in general a huge dissapointment. get the real deal.
  7. AngelDeVille

    11s on a G400

    everyone that posted in this thread 3.5 years ago is dead
  8. AngelDeVille

    Boss OD-3 vs BD-2

    some days I plug in and my blues driver sounds like crap.... then I realize it's just me, and it goes back on the board.... I still haven't tried the Boss OD, they seem to pop up under $35 on CL once in a while, the BD is never under $80
  9. AngelDeVille

    Gibson SG headstock Logo and Crown alignment

    Now let’s complain about bevels.
  10. AngelDeVille

    Strap button removal.

    Sell it and you won’t have to worry about it, make sure to charge extra for any upgrades you have made. list price + 120% is a good starting point.
  11. AngelDeVille

    My new P90 don’t fit… help !

    My favorite P-90 pickups are are the Fleor.... I dare you to search for them..... be shocked by the price.... not even sure if they are still made.. the ones available and that I have received look to be old stock by the packaging.
  12. AngelDeVille

    My new P90 don’t fit… help !

    Yikes! I just looked up how much a set of those pickups are! they should fit at that price. are the base plates in the way or just the plastic corners? I’d maybe heat or file the corners. I have the 18 special too, and while the minis read hot, I didn’t find them particularly offensive…...
  13. AngelDeVille

    Saw ZZ Top Last Night and Have a Question

    Albert King had a flying V with an open book headstock.... coincidence? I think not....
  14. AngelDeVille

    Mods Please delete

  15. AngelDeVille

    Why fingerboard binding?

    It looks nice, that said I don’t have many geetars with it.
  16. AngelDeVille

    If the SG never existed...

    Well ****…
  17. AngelDeVille

    Show Us Your Basses

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