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  1. ruster1

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

    2008 models in the house.. Un-robotted Green SG with bound headstock.. and Guitar of the month Dec 2008 silver Diablo.. both sporting Ebony boards.. Robot has 490/498 and Diablo has Burstbucker Pro Rhythm and Lead (did they not have the #1,#2 and #3 in 2008??)
  2. ruster1

    I’m looking for a ‘67 SG Standard (Gibson) nut

    Nice White 76.. I had to get used to the 1 9/16 nut for sure.. but i have long narrow fingers so not much for me other than getting used to it.. but the neck carve is FANTASTIC..
  3. ruster1

    I’m looking for a ‘67 SG Standard (Gibson) nut

    My 1976 Norlin had a refret and I had the luthier make a bone nut.. looks stock.. plays great.. also 1 9/16.. love the profile of my 76 with narrow top and wide bottom.. but most like the very rounded C shape neck.. feels great in the hand ..
  4. ruster1

    Gibson SG Naked

    I think Veneers are reserved for the Epiphones.. I see that the Epiphone already dropped that ugly veneer on the SG61 from the last 2 years..
  5. ruster1

    Gibson SG Naked

    They do look better than the NAKED version.. the Gibson P90 must be similar from year to year.. but i was very interested in the 60's 70's neck profile of the NAKED being a 1 9/16 nut width with a rounded C neck.. If it is anything like my 76 Norlin era neck.. I absolutely love it.. have to...
  6. ruster1

    Gibson SG Naked

    I am not sure what they went for NEW.. but the comment from 2016 was slightly more than a standard.. ?? but you get a tripped down version.. I think they thing that has my interest since I have a Norlin Era SG.. is that the neck is like the late 60's and early 70's.. 1 9/16 width nut.. NARROW...
  7. ruster1

    Help Verifying a Norlin

    Glad you get along with the neck profile.. my beat up refinished 76 is the best SG i own.. neck feels great.. narrow at the top but rounded and chunky down low.. feels great.. mine also had the Gibson headstock smile which was repaired in the past very well.. I know it was painted sparkle silver...
  8. ruster1

    EPI 'INSPIRED BY ' SG Standard - Minty Goodness

    nice job, and the blank lets you fit the guard perfectly.. how did you bevel the sides, manually or router?.. if you put a mint on a black SG.. it would look like and Andes Creme De Menthe after dinner chocolate.. lol
  9. ruster1

    Harley Benton SG Junior update/bridge change

    yes, the schaller is nice construction, but that forward lean is troublesome.. I have a badass copy that does the same thing but it leans on the posts not pulling them toward the neck.. you may want to dowel fill and re-drill those post holes.. that schaller should sit flush with the flat top of...
  10. ruster1

    Andertons SG limited edition

    I was not a fan of the Tortoise guard tbh.. but it has grown on me.. but if the T-top type pups are close to originals, with the grovers and abr-1 placed properly what is not to love.. the small square inlays add the 70's vibe.. and i do like some of the colors.. should be future demand for...
  11. ruster1

    NGD: 1963 SG Special, Polaris White

    I can see why the former owner wanted it back.. great shape.. and he worked for Gibson.. I am guessing you both got what you wanted from this deal.. the special is just that.. "special".. thanks for the post..!
  12. ruster1

    NGD: 1963 SG Special, Polaris White

    The power of the internet to put people together.. do you still have a pic of the 61 LP/SG standard as well? The pictures are fantastic of your special.. lighting is just right.. the color of the fretboard is stunning and makes the white body pop.. great job and good plan when departing with...
  13. ruster1


    Love the black guard.. and dark fretboard.. rosewood?..
  14. ruster1


    Mine was a run of the mill 67-RI.. no stinger.. it was great to play but the neck adjustments got old.. BTW.. love your bound fretboard.. looks killer.. enjoy it.. love Gibbys.. my new gift of a 2008 SG Biablo is silver has squashed my GAS problem for now.. (The V had me in "Balls to the Wall"...
  15. ruster1

    It’s got a tailpiece now

    Correct me if i am wrong. but the SGM was just the SGJ with robotic tuners?..and these had maple necks? I always thought the SGJ was a great value few years ago as you could find them all over for under $ 500.. USD.. not any more.. lol.. I like the dark ones best.. and the mods you did look...
  16. ruster1


    Great V.. I had a 1991 67 reissue that had a Duncan Distortion in the bridge.. (the original pup i still have, not sure what it was? and have to look up the specs for a 1991 - 67 RI.. Mine had a truss rod or neck issue.. had a natural bow and had to adjust the TR often when not playing it.. just...
  17. ruster1

    Help Verifying a Norlin

    Very nice specimen .. Glafd you enjoy the feel as the neck and frets are different. My frets on my 76 were down to 0.0020 and needed to be changed.. i stayed with wide medium jumbo not to get out from the originality but when those low frets get very low.. its hard to bend strings as you grab...
  18. ruster1

    Help Verifying a Norlin

    Got it's years ago.. not sure Rondo music still has them.. I will look.. on a plane ATM..
  19. ruster1

    Who installed Kluson Revolutions , what do you think?

    I have a project 1997 Samick Artist Series SG that will get the new Revolution.. nickel buttons for me.. the 19:1 ratio is great have heard nothing but good things about them.. I was thinking about the lockers in the same style but the extra weight is a turnoff.. dont really need them but...
  20. ruster1

    Ebony fingerboards and stock pickups

    My new addition thanks to my wife on our 25th wedding anniversary.. 2008 Guitar of the Month Diablo..

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