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  1. Arthwys

    My first SG (Gibson SGJ or Epiphone G400 Pro)? Help!

    I'm in the 'play them both to decide camp. I tried a Gibson and the Epiphone G400 pro. In the end, to my surprise, I loved (and still love) my G400 (2018). She's nicely balanced for an SG, has a wonderful neck (nice and thin) which is also bound, and cost half of what the Gibsons did at the...
  2. Arthwys

    Moving SG output jack from top to side. Ideas for that hole?

    Here's what the internals layout look like on an 81 Gibson Firebrand SG Deluxe
  3. Arthwys

    Storage Question

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! It is appreciated!
  4. Arthwys

    My 1965 Gibson SG Special Cherry wide nut chrome Vibrola

    She's a looker, that's for sure. Sounds great as well! Thanks for sharing :thumb:
  5. Arthwys

    Storage Question

    Hi folks. Thought I'd run this past the experts. I've come into owning an SG G400 Pro, which I love. This is my first electric guitar, and in my opinion she is awesome! I want to ensure that I'm not storing her in a way that causes damage. Because I don't have a stand for her yet, I keep her in...
  6. Arthwys

    Greetings Folks

    Well, I've been haunting the site for about a year now. and Finally signed up... quite a while ago now it seems, but I've not introduced myself. Now that I have an actual SG that I've been playing for a bit, it seemed the right time to say an official hello to the community at large so...
  7. Arthwys

    Strap button placement place to reduce neck dive?

    My front strap button is in the common position, below the neck joint, but I don't have any dive issues (2" leather strap with rough underside) The Iommi method of mounting the button right on the top of horn seems to make the most sense to me if you're fighting neck dive and aren't caring about...

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