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  1. funkysoul1

    SG Special P90

    ive got one.its a great guitar.very comfi and fast but i wish it had the bridge pickup not so close to the bridge.just like custom shop and the epiphone.
  2. funkysoul1

    From p90 to mini hums

  3. funkysoul1

    From p90 to mini hums

    Another one problem appeard. As i wired the both pickups normaly, the red is hot, white with green and the black one together with the bare to ground. both pickups alone sounded fine but in the midle position with both vol pots at 10 the sound got shrilled and loses output. Then when i turned...
  4. funkysoul1

    From p90 to mini hums

    I just swap the p90s of my SG Special 2019 with some mini's from an SG Special 2016. They close just a bit brighter. The thing i wanna mention is that when i drop them in the bridge was sounding way to thin and the neck was boomy. I try to set it lower but nothing. Still remained unbalanced.So...
  5. funkysoul1

    Help me choose a pickup combo for my SG Standard

    Gibson Classic 57 (7.8k) Gibson Classic 57+ (8.1k)
  6. funkysoul1

    Not all p90 SGs same bridge position

    I just realized that not all p90 SGs have in the same place their wraparound bridge. So custom shop, epiphone and Iommi's have placed the bridge further than mine SG Special 2019.and I'm sure thats causing more treble and brittle sounds from the bridge pickup. That's not make it necessarily...
  7. funkysoul1


    just change the tuners on my special 2019.i like them better for the time
  8. funkysoul1

    The best “Tele on steroids” PAF style bucker?

    you always can chet a p90 in humbucker housing
  9. funkysoul1

    Changing the wraparound bridge

    Thanks all. I'll think of it a bit more
  10. funkysoul1

    Changing the wraparound bridge

    its just the opposite to me.nothing realy wrong
  11. funkysoul1

    Changing the wraparound bridge

    I have thoughts about this one In my SG 2019 special. Has any body try it?Worth 95€? Thanks
  12. funkysoul1

    Boss OD-3 vs BD-2

    I had both. The BD-2 twice. I only use pedals to boost my dirty Amp for solo's. As stand alone: I found bd-2 better for single coils. It will give you that fenderish style tone. The OD-3 it's a very clean overdrive. I mean not muddy or fuzzy. it suits best humbuckers as it has not much mids. As...
  13. funkysoul1

    A gap between neck and board

    I think it's the 1rst.thanks
  14. funkysoul1

    A gap between neck and board

    No it can't due to the sparkling color. I guess the binding with the board are slightly smaller than the main neck.
  15. funkysoul1

    A gap between neck and board

    It can't be seen due to lacquer color. Burgundy Sparkling. The guitar came new out of the box in its hard case
  16. funkysoul1

    A gap between neck and board

    So at 4-28-2022 I purchased an SG Special 2019.opened from its box. After some months I have mentioned a gap between neck and board all the way from nut to the tenon.the laquer fills it.I guess it shouldn't. What's happening.?does it shrink? I will have problems in the future? I have contacted...
  17. funkysoul1

    Gibson SG Special '60s Tribute - p90 Pickups

    I have an sg special 2 p90s.same problem gibson made their p90s all same out put we have to live with that.or you can choose a lower p90 after market for the neck.thats all
  18. funkysoul1

    Changing bridge pot?

    I have now 2 guitars and more in the past. None of their Pickups has the same values in both positions. That's the problem. I have tried to take it down but it's losing the attack that a single coil should give. Any way 9,1k as Gibson saying it's too hot for my taste for a neck pickup. I'm very...
  19. funkysoul1

    Changing bridge pot?

    I have done this one but the neck pickup comes so down that I get no attack from it the way I like it
  20. funkysoul1

    Changing bridge pot?

    Well after some months with my lovely sg special 2019 i think i need to match the volume balance between those p90s.the have the same output so the neck pickup comes thought is that gibson put some 300k pots in both if just put a 500k or even 1meg pot in bridge volume shall...

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