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  1. Marln864

    FIXED! Broken Epi G400 neck

    Yes. Post several pics.
  2. Marln864

    vox night train 15H

    I have the G2 & it is a great amp. I just got a Peavey classic 20MH & the NT G2 is a lot more amp.
  3. Marln864

    vox night train 15H

    anybody on here have one or know about them?
  4. Marln864

    I really want to save my SG, but it's just so uncomfortable to play.

    I have the D.T. & I have no neck dive plus I like the way it looks.
  5. Marln864

    dereck trucks signature SG

    I have a 2014 DT SG & I love it. It just feels like a part of me when I play it.
  6. Marln864

    SG Special ltd pickup replacement

    57s are great for anything. It's all in your amp & guitar settings. Plus your playing style.
  7. Marln864

    Replacing pickups and pots in a 2012 Gibson SG?

    I have 57 classics in My Derek Trucks SG & I have microphonic feedback at high volume in amp settings. Any ideas how to fix this? It gets muddy sounding if I turn guitar vol. down.
  8. Marln864

    Gibson SG Standard (Angus like)

    Looks great to me !
  9. Marln864

    NGD SG Standard a looker!!!!

    Just beautiful!
  10. Marln864

    Is this SG in need of some conditioner?

    I had the same thing on my 2014 Derek Trucks SG. 4 coats of lemon oil & it looks & feels great!
  11. Marln864

    NGD Gibson SG Deluxe in my Dream Color!

    Beautiful! I'd love to have the orange one to match my amp setup.
  12. Marln864

    Anyone use GHS FastFret?

    Tried it for awhile but quit using it & have noticed no change.
  13. Marln864

    SG Classic Sounds A Little Dull

    If you have an ohm meter you can look on the Net & find out how to check your pots.
  14. Marln864

    Any transgender in the audience ?

    I've got a Hofner & flatwounds. It helps with my arthritis. I still jam on guitar but when I get stuck in a rut I switch.
  15. Marln864

    New Orange Micro Terror Day

    Just got the micro terror & a orange 4x12 cab that has 2 mono 8 ohm out plugs. Mine is loud plugged into one output.
  16. Marln864

    SG With Thick Neck And Small Pick Guard?

    The DT sg neck seems to get wider on down the neck . I would describe it as a D shape, but I'm not sure of that. Go on Gibson's website & look it up.
  17. Marln864

    SG Original 2 - Tuning Issues Solved

    Nice guitar.
  18. Marln864

    SG With Thick Neck And Small Pick Guard?

    I have the same problem & I have no trouble with the DT sg.

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