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  1. Fergyuk

    Vintage VS6

  2. Fergyuk

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

    My 2015 special in Fireburst ...and my 2018 HPII in Mojave Fade
  3. Fergyuk

    What is this SG, need help...Possible 70s Kasuga?

    I have a 70's Antoria SG clone made by the FujiGen factory, Japan which has similarities to yours.
  4. Fergyuk

    Vintage VS6

    Hi jml, I think it is a one piece body I have looked and there's no obvious join. I've never had a strap on it so not sure about neck dive.
  5. Fergyuk

    Need Help Identifying Japanese Made 70s SG

    I think they were made in the FujiGen factory in Japan during the 70's, I have a 70's branded Antoria which were imported by James T. Coppock (Leeds) Ltd and Charles Summerfield Ltd.
  6. Fergyuk

    Is An SG A Gorgeous Guitar?

    I love my SG, she's a bit different from the more tradional SG's
  7. Fergyuk

    The Archtop Thread.

    Hi pancake81 It's antique burst, the MIK 80s burst was a darker than the antique burst of the later ones.
  8. Fergyuk

    Epiphone Crestwood Limited Edition 1962 Reissue

    I agree, wouldn't mind owning the rest of the series.
  9. Fergyuk

    Epiphone Crestwood Limited Edition 1962 Reissue

    Hello, does anyone here own or have experience of one of these? your thoughts would be appreciated. A pretty faithful reproduction ot the 62 version with Mini humbuckers and epiphone designed tremotone vibrato.
  10. Fergyuk

    The Archtop Thread.

    Does this count? it's my Crafter SAT QMOS hybrid guitar
  11. Fergyuk

    The Archtop Thread.

    Ibanez Artcore AF 85 VLS
  12. Fergyuk

    The Archtop Thread.

    Some pics of my Casino
  13. Fergyuk

    Vintage VS6

    Here's my Vintage VS6
  14. Fergyuk

    Hello from England

    sorry double post!
  15. Fergyuk

    Hello from England

  16. Fergyuk

    Hello from England

    Thanks Bert, Every chance of more pics, any excuse to show her off.
  17. Fergyuk

    Let's see those sexy girls (SG)

    Here's My 2018 HP-II
  18. Fergyuk

    Hello from England

    I saw the link for ESG on one of the sister sites and being an SG owner felt the need to check you out. Here's some pics of my No. 1
  19. Fergyuk

    Antoria SG 1970's

    It plays well, low action and the Lace pick ups sound pretty good too.
  20. Fergyuk

    The Les Paul thread

    My 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Limited Edition in Pacific Reef with ebony board.

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