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  1. SG Lou

    Cracked/Broken Headstock

    Nothing..........cap locks were on and I didn't notice
  2. SG Lou

    Cracked/Broken Headstock

    My point exactly.............. so it shouldn't be of any concern
  3. SG Lou

    The Gibson SG: 50 Essential Facts

  4. SG Lou

    Cracked/Broken Headstock

    oK, SO THEN i'LL THROW A QUESTION BACK AT YOU..................Do you plan on keeping your guitar anyplace when temps will exceed 140 degrees for a extended period of time?
  5. SG Lou

    Cracked/Broken Headstock

    Hot Hide Glue is the way to go..............if you have experience using it. Whats so awesome about HHG is that as it soaks into the grain and drys it actually tightly draws the wood fibers together making for an exceptionally strong joint/ repair. Anytime the subject comes up about it's...
  6. SG Lou

    Is It A Fake?

    Yes, TOO NICE . I looked at various sites that sell Gibson's earlier and did not see ONE that had such sharp, defined bevels
  7. SG Lou

    Is It A Fake?

    Why would you say that ? It's done all the time !
  8. SG Lou

    Is It A Fake?

    Although it looks great I have my doubts............when was the last time you saw an SG come out of the factory with gorgeous DEEP sharp bevels like that ? Not even the Custom Shop produces bevels like whats on that guitar. If it is in fact the real thing then Gibson has finally done it's...
  9. SG Lou

    Multi-Ply SG Truss Rod Cover

    The closest I have ever seen is a 2 ply B/W . Never seen a Multi-ply
  10. SG Lou

    Where to get B/W/B/W/W pickguard blank?

    Yes it is..............I have a MojoAxe P/G like the one pictured above and the Stew-Mac P/G material is spot on
  11. SG Lou

    Where to get B/W/B/W/W pickguard blank?

    Took care of you over at My les Paul Forum
  12. SG Lou

    Cracked neck

    DO NOT WATER GLUE DOWN AND USE THAT......DO NOT JUST "TRY AND FORCE SOME GLUE INTO THE JOINT" Both will cause failure. I have repair a few of theose and believe it or not the best thing to do is ..................YA READY ? Break it off completely. Then glue it up and clamp it. You'll have...
  13. SG Lou

    Gibson SG prototype (Gibson Traditional Les Paul Classic)

    GORGEOUS ............
  14. SG Lou

    Looking for info. Mint unfinished 1960's SG neck.

    good catch but more then enough was pointed out to prove it's not an early 60's neck..fiber overlay vrs the holly overlay was the dead give away for me, not to mention the smaller tenon. We also go one step further and point out that the early logo's "G" was more rounded on the top, not flat...
  15. SG Lou

    My Jaydee Iommi SG Old Boy Build pics

    Schaller 456, sadly they are no longer produced
  16. SG Lou

    JOHN BIRCH SG SPECIAL Limited Edition

    I have thought that all along.....
  17. SG Lou

    JOHN BIRCH SG SPECIAL Limited Edition

    Good Luck
  18. SG Lou


    By all means !

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