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  1. MacDiarmada

    Which player(s) attracted you to the SG?

    Jane Weidlin, Joey Molland, Pete Ham, Robbie Krieger, and God himself. ANGUS YOUNG
  2. MacDiarmada

    NGD, :(

    I’m a purist, of sorts. I feel like a PCB in an SG, even though you can’t see it, just takes away from what an SG is. On the other hand, I get it, Gibson is just keeping with the times.
  3. MacDiarmada

    NGD Gretsch G6131-MY

    Felt good just like I knew it would, ha ha
  4. MacDiarmada

    NGD Gretsch G6131-MY

    The CS is like $10k. WOW!!!
  5. MacDiarmada

    NGD Gretsch G6131-MY

    Correct. These are the strings I have on it
  6. MacDiarmada

    NGD Gretsch G6131-MY

    I’ve been eyeballing them since they put this version out a few years ago. There are the other Malcolm Young models, but they look nothing like “The Beast”. Now, all I need is an old plexi!!
  7. MacDiarmada

    1991 SG Special 3-knob Full Resto

    Here is the botched logo pic I forgot to include. Can you believe this garbage?
  8. MacDiarmada

    1991 SG Special 3-knob Full Resto

    I bought this guitar brand new back in 1991, just before I left to the Army, I wasn't quite 18 years old yet. It's gone everywhere with me, all over the states, foreign countries. One day I spilled acetone on it and ruined the finish. I removed all the hardware and stripped it down to the...
  9. MacDiarmada

    NGD Gretsch G6131-MY

    The only guitar that could get me to put down my SG. It’s much lighter than I thought it would be, has a whole different unplugged sound. I have it strung just as Malcolm would have had it. Pretty cool guitar, I’m very pleased with it.
  10. MacDiarmada

    Anyone remove the pickup covers in their SG standard? Pictures?

    I put new gold ‘57 classics on my 91 special and took the covers off. I did that because they dont sell them uncovered with gold pole screws. And the original pickups in my special were uncovered so I had to keep the original look. As for the sound difference, I wouldn’t know how they sound...
  11. MacDiarmada

    2021 Gibson SG Standard-soft case

    When I bought my Special new in 91, it came with the pink lined hard case. It’s obviously a cost cutting measure, that they’ve gone to those soft gig bags. Sad.
  12. MacDiarmada

    Need Help on My SG

    That is THE ROUGHEST looking SG I’ve ever seen!
  13. MacDiarmada

    Neck Dve Cure ? Suggesttions ?

    I’ve been playing SGs for more than 30 years and never heard of neck dive, what is it? I would have assumed some kind of bowing in the neck that some simple truss rod adjusting would fix.
  14. MacDiarmada

    SG Body Thickness question

    Check out Gibson’s YouTube channel, specifically the series about building the guitars. You’ll see that they’re built by hand. That being said, there are going to be differences from one to the next. Watch the series and you’ll say to yourself, “ah, now I get it”. Here’s a link to episode 1...
  15. MacDiarmada

    ABR-1 Bridge question

    Here’s a few up close pictures of both, I hope I caught the differences.
  16. MacDiarmada

    Strings - what do you use and why?

    Ernie Ball super slinky 9’s... cuz that’s what Angus uses!
  17. MacDiarmada

    Gibson Nashville to ABR-1 bridge upgrade

    The gold hardware with the aged white is a awesome combination! I have a 91 special that is white/gold. Love it! Thanks for sharing the pic!!
  18. MacDiarmada

    Gibson Nashville to ABR-1 bridge upgrade

    My 91 Special had a sort of hybrid set up. It had the ABR-1 bridge with the wire and the Nashville style, one piece, thumb wheels. So, when I was restoring it recently, I had to buy both bridges so that I could put it back to its original factory state. I’m an ABR fan, all the way.
  19. MacDiarmada

    Are ANY of the modern SGs correct? Body shape, neck?

    I also have an alpine white 91 special three knob that I got new back in the day, I was 18 and it was my second guitar but first ‘major brand’ guitar. I love it, I wouldn’t take a million dollars for it.
  20. MacDiarmada

    Great tone starts with a great tuner.

    Picked up this beauty from reverb. Ever since I first watched the AC/DC 1979 Highway to Hell tour Live in Paris on VHS, in the early/mid ‘80s, I’ve wanted one. There is a scene before the show where Angus is warming up and Malcolm is tuning using one of these. Amazingly accurate!

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