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  1. Mitchey75

    Got a new offer

    Could be a Standard from the early 70s when they changed to 6 digit serials with a factory Bigsby with Gibson engraving. Here you can see a 1973 model:
  2. Mitchey75

    Serial Number Help Your guitar was made at the Nashville Plant, TN, USA on June 2nd, 2006 Production Number: 39
  3. Mitchey75

    Tony Iommi SG Special showed up today and has to go back.

    Everyone has to decide for himself how to deal with it. If i didn't notice it while playing, I would keep the guitar. 70s Gibson are famous for it and at Murphy Lab Aging you pay good money for that look.
  4. Mitchey75


    Next step on my workhorse: Grovers So now it's: 2009 Standard Reissue VOS (CS) -rebuilt Maestro Vibrola (only cover left) -aged Faber Aluminium Tailpiece -Crazyparts "Art of Aging" Black Reflector Knobs -Crazyparts Pokerchip R/T Toggle Switch Plate -aged Grover Rotomatics Tuner
  5. Mitchey75

    New Faber Bridge Day !

    What pickups do you use?
  6. Mitchey75

    Gary Rossington passed away "The Gary Rossington Signature SG was a limited run of 250 units produced from 2003-2005. Aging was done by Tom Murphy. 2003-2004 models use 1961 style ink-stamped serial number format and many have no Rossington signature. Serial...
  7. Mitchey75


    Yeah a lot more red than the Historics throughout the last years!
  8. Mitchey75

    Gibson is selling vintage guitars now (61 SG, 59 LP etc.) 61 Les Paul SG Std.:
  9. Mitchey75

    She's Back!!!

    Nice story - keep her safe! ;)
  10. Mitchey75

    "2007 Gibson SG GT - Muscle Car Green" for sale in Germany

    That is something different :D
  11. Mitchey75

    NGD - ‘61 “Les Paul” Standard Reissue

    …not yours, but my warrior 😜
  12. Mitchey75

    Gibson SG Classic what is the correct bridge and tailpiece ?

    Specifics of the Classics: Musicians Friend Website in 2006:
  13. Mitchey75

    Gibson price increase for 2023? Anyone heard?

    Just had a quick look at the prices on the Sweetwater website. Some models were raised by 100 $ from March 2022 on, e.g.: Gibson SG Standard 03/2022: 1,699 $ | 01/2023: 1,799 $ Gibson SG Standard '61 03/2022: 1,699 $ | 01/2023: 1,799 $ Gibson Les Paul Standard '60s 03/2022: 2,699 $ | 01/2023...
  14. Mitchey75

    2002-2010 SG Special Faded Necks

    You're welcome! Well - I just try to help as I would like to be helped when I have a question here :D
  15. Mitchey75

    2002-2010 SG Special Faded Necks "1-pc quartersawn Mahogany" ___________________ Gibson archived website 2003:
  16. Mitchey75

    Tony Iommi SG Gibson and Epiphone.

    IDK if you have seen this test:
  17. Mitchey75

    Strap button damage.

    In this 10 years old post a user describes the problem with his SG:
  18. Mitchey75

    Period Correct Top Hat Knobs (Help)

    I have installed Crazyparts' "Art of Aging CAB Black Reflector Heads Goldface" - knobs and am very happy with them....
  19. Mitchey75

    What model SG is this?

    This SG here here looks quite similar..
  20. Mitchey75

    SG Standard Tuner heads?

    Right, at that time the used "T" for Traditional (now Original) and "HP" for High Performance (now Modern) series.

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