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  1. OldDog

    Tony Iommi SG Special showed up today and has to go back.

    The QC processes at Gibson seem to be very tolerant. The Japanese have a life philosophy called Wabi Sabi. What it means is that in life, in nature, there are flaws. In that regard, perfection's pursuit requires the builder, artist, or whatever, incorporate tiny, insignificant but necessary...
  2. OldDog

    Does a Gibson hide the serial on an SG anywhere Bought 1 SG from a fuzz(police) auction & I found out before I left, the serial was sanded down.

    You have the receipt from the police auction. How could you face charges for stolen property if it was the police who sold it to you? I'd keep the receipt in the guitar case. As to capturing the photos: Look at your Internet history and see if the URL is still in your file. If so, open the...
  3. OldDog

    SG new pickguard ?

    I would go with a jade. Green nicely compliments ebony and gold. White just contrasts and makes the pickguard the guitar's focus. Your guitar is a canvas. Treat it like that.
  4. OldDog

    Upright headstock hanging stands.

  5. OldDog

    Am I nuts!

    No. Not nuts at all. A guitar with a different tone makes you play differently. Maybe to compliment the pickups and the whole feel of the guitar. Even with the same piece of music. I guess it brings out your mojo.
  6. OldDog

    NGD - 2017 Standard T

    You got a good one.
  7. OldDog

    How many guitars is fairly normal?

    Get what makes you happy for your own reasons. If it isn't illegal, you don't have to justify anything to anyone. I have a good stock of guitars. I own them because I see them as art as much as a musical instrument. With that, creatively mount them on the wall to show them as art.
  8. OldDog

    NGD! 2020 SG Special

    I don't case any of my guitars. I look at them as art as much as anything. With that, I use a very high quality security stand for all of them, a Hercules GS405B. No chance I can knock one over unless I take out the stand. But even then, they can suffer damage from handling. We are human...
  9. OldDog

    New Bands Don't Play Gibsons

    A couple weeks back, I was watching on AXS cable channel the band, Alabama Shakes. They were really good. Couldn't help but notice the lead singer's Kirk Douglas SG;
  10. OldDog

    Let’s see some Pelham Blue SG’s

    To me, there is no more an iconic SG than a pelham blue:
  11. OldDog

    New Bands Don't Play Gibsons

    If you don't want an Epi -which I believe to be a Gibson- you can buy Juniors, Tributes, and Studio models that come in well below the tarted up models. Granted, Fender has the lower price points well covered with far more product. Just an alternative view, but Gibson is somewhat shallow on...
  12. OldDog

    NGD-Standard 61 Sideways

    Guitars can be display art.
  13. OldDog

    KLUSON 'REVOLUTION Tuning Machines....ROCK !Opinions?

    I would just like to point out that you can't just replace the tuners with whatever is hip, or new. There are consequences with the overall balance of the guitar. Many have swapped out old, heavy chrome Grovers for some lightweight tuners and have had to put weights on the neck to keep it from...
  14. OldDog

    NGD--First Post, First SG!

    Johnson strat? I have two of those, one in the same color. Love the sound. I like to see SGs in unusual finishes.
  15. OldDog

    NGD - New Gibson Day!

    Very nice. The Heritage Cherry is such an iconic finish for an SG.
  16. OldDog

    Why Complain About Guitar Prices

    I don't recall a lot of complaining about what any guitar costs, but I don't catch everything. Grousing over price is pointless since that doesn't change the price. I don't buy above my price point and that works for me.
  17. OldDog

    So i got my first SG!

    No question about it. Guitars are art. Very nice!
  18. OldDog

    Opinions on 2020 CS '64 Standard Resissue

    It's a 2020. I really like 335s. Here's my Gibson 335 blue display And the limited editions (Antique Walnut and Big Block Retro in Emerald Green Metallic)
  19. OldDog

    Opinions on 2020 CS '64 Standard Resissue

    Guitars make perfect functional art. I don't know why, but your eye is drawn to them. Everyone notices there is a guitar in the room. Worn guitars have character because they have a history and you don't even need to know that history to be drawn to it. My Gibsons in cherry.
  20. OldDog

    2005 Gibson SG Standard original guts ?

    I just wanted to say that is one beautiful guitar.

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