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  1. jk67SG

    Tuning issues with Maestro Vibrolas?

    I have nothing but respect for Don and his expertise. However, if you're suggesting I should not be allowed to report my over 50 years of experience with the instrument this thread is the subject of because it differs from Don's or anyone else's experience, that would be a sad day indeed.
  2. jk67SG

    Tuning issues with Maestro Vibrolas?

    I'm not seeing this happen with my SG. My strings get changed at the first sign any are starting to die. BTW I'm using brass saddles (even though it was delivered with nylon- and believe it or not I still have the original saddles it was delivered with in 1967, in a plastic bag in the case-...
  3. jk67SG

    Tuning issues with Maestro Vibrolas?

    54 years on my SG and no problem... what is the issue you're referring to sir?
  4. jk67SG

    The problem with nibs

    donepearce, I'm am not a luthier, however I am an engineer. I appreciate your explanation, but in my own experience something must be missing. I own a '67 SG Standard, have played it for 54 years, it's been in unpressurized holds of aircraft with widely varying temperatures, traveled around the...
  5. jk67SG

    Dating my old SG. Appears to be a 67'

    Some of that is what you're used to. This was my first guitar, so it's what I was used to... and a lot of people were using .008's back then. The nut is also 0.1" narrower than a Les Paul, and that was my normal until I my first LP, and then the SG neck felt 'cramped' at the nut end. The LP's...
  6. jk67SG

    Potential First Vintage Guitar | 1967 SG

    One more thing, my SG came with reflector knobs and a cream switch tip. I had another SG, a Special w/ a single P-90, I'm not certain about the year, I think it was a '68 or maybe a '69 (it was the first year that SG's had a volute, whenever that was); it had black witch hat knobs, I don't...
  7. jk67SG

    Potential First Vintage Guitar | 1967 SG

    I bought my 1967 in early 1968- $300 US + $15 for the case; this was my first guitar- I'd been playing bass before then. Your guitar looks like it's been refinished, some of the beveled edges look more rounded. Also, I can't tell for sure but your guitar looks like it's missing the lyre engraved...
  8. jk67SG

    ****..... got rooked :(

    Do these models have pot(s) with date codes that could be used as one data point for dating the instrument?
  9. jk67SG

    Can someone help identify this SG?

    Pot codes? If solder obscures any part of the numbers, get as much as possible from each pot.
  10. jk67SG

    Moving SG output jack from top to side. Ideas for that hole?

    First, make sure you're holding the right end of the soldering iron MR D (kidding....) Seriously, get a 'third hand' device- weighted base, 1 or 2 flexible arms with spring clips on the ends (2 arms suggested) and use them to maneuver the wires (or objects) into the position you want them to end...
  11. jk67SG

    SG cases and body/neck support, neck break reasons, etc?

    I ran into a similar or maybe the same issue when I had to replace the original case that came with my 1967 SG Standard (actual, not re-issue). I went to a number of stores and tried various cases from TKL and other manufacturers, and from Gibson, and found the same thing with all of them- the...
  12. jk67SG

    Gibson SG Model?

    Looks like it has 2 backs...
  13. jk67SG

    mystery guitar

    Sawed off Maestro handle? Or was short Maestro handle an option?
  14. jk67SG

    mystery guitar

    The proportions are very strange, even if the lens wasn't that great. Note the upper bout of the body looks very wide, almost as wide as the lower bout. That kind of distortion can happen when the lens is shooting from above, like it appears to be, but look at the the controls... they look like...
  15. jk67SG

    Nickel Hardware on 64 Maestro Turning Red

    Chrome... good to know, thanks. '67, not '66. Serial verified and pots dated mid-'67; I bought it in early '68 - $300 + $15 for case.
  16. jk67SG

    Nickel Hardware on 64 Maestro Turning Red

    I find this difficult to understand how this could happen with normal use, unless someone used a polishing wheel with an abrasive compound on it, or Gibson changed the design on re-issues to something more cheaply made. The nickel plating is quite hard, at least on the originals, as referenced...
  17. jk67SG

    Dating my old SG. Appears to be a 67'

    This is an old thread, but just thought I'd add this for the OP, since his serial, or what I can read of it (00530_) are somewhat close: When I researched my SG decades ago, Gibson had photos of the pages of the book(s) or files where serials were recorded. Based on it's pot codes my SG was a...
  18. jk67SG

    Anyone ever experience stand damage?

    I found a warning about nitro damage due to materials used to cushion guitars from their stands on the PRS website roughly a year ago. No specific stands were mentioned. When I called up PRS tech support and asked which stands were safe or which were not, I got stonewalled. Maybe this was due to...
  19. jk67SG

    Tuner change out

    Were those photos taken with the same camera? The quality of the tuning machine body looks kind of poor on the Grover- slightly bulging, vertical lines indistinct, not a clean stamping like the Gibson tuner.
  20. jk67SG

    Headstock Mystery

    Maybe... but a lot of things would have to line up correctly for this to be true. First of all, it depends on what you mean by 'early '75. Then, remember that the pot codes are the date when the pots are manufactured. After manufacture, they have to be put in CTS's inventory, picked from...

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