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  1. chilipeppermaniac

    FOR SALE: Vintage 1970 Gibson SG Standard - $4,900

    Makes me feel better about buying my '79 LP KM when I did.
  2. chilipeppermaniac

    Which SG and why? Mike Bloomfield
  3. chilipeppermaniac

    Which SG and why?

    Here is another guy who plays mean blues on a bucket equipped geetar.
  4. chilipeppermaniac

    Can I Change The Dark Background For A Lighter Background?

    NMA I was just hunting for the same solution.
  5. chilipeppermaniac

    Local 1972 SG Standard

    Well, I know I can't or shouldn't tell anyone what to like, or what to spend xxxx amount of money on, but I happened upon a couple years newer SG STD in Cream White that is super nice, had a complete set of EMG pickups installed along with all the pots and wiring for the active circuitry...
  6. chilipeppermaniac

    SG Classic wiring?

    I see what you did there, my slick Canadian stranger.
  7. chilipeppermaniac

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    Glad to hear of progress, NIB. I know a few members here in the UK too. Some in London area, some in surrounding cities/towns. I am sure you will get it sorted at home or at your luthier's place since it seems improvements have already happened. Another thing to guard against is heating up...
  8. chilipeppermaniac

    SG Classic wiring?

    Like my buddy's
  9. chilipeppermaniac

    Other guitars that feel like an SG?

    My other favorite that is similar to SG but different.
  10. chilipeppermaniac

    SG Classic wiring?

    The P90/Humbucker pairing is what my buddy's BFG came with.
  11. chilipeppermaniac

    Other guitars that feel like an SG?

    One of my other babies, and it has 24 frets plus a trem.
  12. chilipeppermaniac

    SG Classic wiring?

    Thanks @devnulljp I owe all I am and all I aspire to be, to her. As I closed the lid on her casket, I told her how she did her best and that I was so proud of her. Then of course my dam broke and I got her face all wet from tears. God bless all of our members here. Mom still comes out...
  13. chilipeppermaniac

    SG Classic wiring?

    @Roger Phillips, let us see a pic or 2 of the side view as the strings pass over your bridge pickup and on up past the neck pup. We will be looking to see pickup heights. Sometimes a simple height adjustment of both pups to even out the signal can make the weak sound of the bridge pickup improve.
  14. chilipeppermaniac

    SG Classic wiring?

    Interesting, @rabbit Thanks for posting this. Also, welcome to the forum to you too.
  15. chilipeppermaniac

    SG Classic wiring?

    BTW @devnulljp, welcome to the forum as I see you have under 100 posts. I have been around for a decade, but sometimes am on less due to issues like the past couple years and our mom having a stroke and finally passing the day b4 Halloween. One thing I try to do is my best ( within my...
  16. chilipeppermaniac

    SG Classic wiring?

    I know this doesn't have anything to do with Classic's wiring, but I always have a concern about neck angles on set neck guitars. Here is a shot of my SG Classic. How do yours compare? For all of you Classic owners.
  17. chilipeppermaniac

    SG Classic wiring?

    @devnulljp, does your SG Classic Cavity cover look like this? Or more like this or what?
  18. chilipeppermaniac

    How much relief do strings add to a neck?

    According to what I hear/ read as Gibson Specs, Set neck straight, string guitar to pitch, capo on 1st fret. Push down on 17th, Measure with 5/64 feeler on Low E, 3/64 on High E at the 15th Fret. Adjust your neck accordingly with truss rod adjustment. Of course you will also have to...

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