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  1. Richard

    Anybody use an original 1960s vintage Gibson wraparound bridge with a plain G? (1960s Lightning bolt)

    I have the same jr as Angus. Mine has EB Slinky's 0.010. G string on the Original bridge was quite good on the chords, but was way off higher on the neck. A compensated mojoaxe replacement is spot on. Sound-wise it's superb. Highly recommended.
  2. Richard

    Where Is Mick Taylor's SG?

    The guitar was present in the Nellcote basement together with the V
  3. Richard

    Opportunity to get the vintage SG of my dreams, but...

    One big cavity is wat it is on a 63 Custom. (i own one from 1962)
  4. Richard

    61 Reissue Bridge Saddle

    I got a 62 Les Paul Custom that has an ABR bridge without the retaining wire. so the retaining wire must be added later than end 1962
  5. Richard

    Why The Name "Standard"?

    There is nothing standard on this custom.......
  6. Richard

    ‘63 SG Junior

    Brother and sister. 1962 LP Custom and a 63 SG jr
  7. Richard

    1965 Gibson SG Junior

    I got a 63 that looks identical. Also with the compensated bridge :-) Congratz. What is written inside the guitar case?
  8. Richard

    Auction "Gibsons" - really?

    The autographs are real if they came with a photo of the actual signing. Otherwise they could be fake too.
  9. Richard

    Can someone date this custom?

    That's good news. A lot of lessons learned over the years. Be patient my friend. there will comes a day you will find your dream guitar.
  10. Richard

    Do these wooden vibrola blocks serve any function ?

    I think they did. The two rods of the long vibrola match the ebony block. The long vibrola has two mounting screws just like the Ebony block version.
  11. Richard

    1965 SG Standard restoration project

    Very nice! You can slightly age the vibrola for an authentic look.
  12. Richard

    Help me identify this SG?

    Wow, someone tried to put some classical guitar tuners in it! And pickup routing was done by hand!
  13. Richard

    Is An SG A Gorgeous Guitar?

    The high E is about 0.5mm from the back, but the B and G string have some travel left. I will check the high E string tonight. I have replaced the original nylon saddle recently because it has a crack. I just put the new one back were I think it was in the first place. I have not noticed any...
  14. Richard

    Is An SG A Gorgeous Guitar?

    That's a damn nice Custom you have :-)
  15. Richard

    Is An SG A Gorgeous Guitar?

    Thanks for your comment Donepearce. Intonation is spot-on. And what kind of offset studs do you mean? Its an original ABR-1 bridge.
  16. Richard

    Is An SG A Gorgeous Guitar?

    Well......., compare this with a White Falcon. Where can you go with two pickups? Exactly! Nowhere. When you need that extra push over the cliff.... This one has three (PAF) Pickups :-)
  17. Richard

    Help with vintage SG purchase

    Hi, I bought a feather light 63 SG-jr in dead mint shape including an alligator case and hangtag for 5000 euro. These guitars in a dead mint shape are highly sought after and mostly not for sale in Europe. I know it's a lot of money......If I want to sell it now here in the Netherlands, I will...
  18. Richard

    1963 SG Jr. Best ever guitar for me!!

    This one was probably stored in it's case for a long period. The colour looks really good :-)

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