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  1. DJGranite

    How bad are these cracks?

    While it is repairable is that really what you want? Unless it was an unbelievable deal I would return it. At best it will always be a guitar that has had a repair and so retain less value.
  2. DJGranite

    Good MiJ SG copies?

    I found out when I went to buy this project... 74-75 Ibanez 2350 and so it goes :cheers: It's further along now but still needs work
  3. DJGranite

    Good MiJ SG copies?

    This is wrong. The only guitar Gibson threatened to sue over were the Ibanez LP copies and they changed their headstock before the case made it to court. here, I searched it for you The True Story Behind Japanese 'Lawsuit' Guitars – Soundfly
  4. DJGranite

    WTB Pickguard for 95-01 SG Special

    Like the title says, looking for a 5 ply pickguard to fit a 95-01 SG Special. Black or White or? what do you have?
  5. DJGranite

    What is this model?

    Yup, read all that last time you posted it. Still, Serial number comes up 67 without "Made in USA" 859001 to 895038 1967 897000 to 898999 1967 or 1969 with "Made in USA" 800000's 1973-1975 per: Vintage Guitars Info - Gibson collecting vintage gibson guitars (
  6. DJGranite

    Who installed Kluson Revolutions , what do you think?

    I have them on an older Faded, early 00's. They work fine, I just don't care for the way they look personally
  7. DJGranite

    What is this model?

    Assuming that it is a repurposed SG neck, and I too think that is the case here, I'd say a 69 neck. 3pc neck started in 69, I personally can't see the logo clearly enough from the pics to be certain, but I don't see a dot over the "i" in Gibson as with 69's. Heel design most closely matches 69...
  8. DJGranite

    What is this model?

    What makes you say that? It's just my opinion, but not much is clear about this guitar.
  9. DJGranite

    What is this model?

    I think maybe it should start with: What year is it. Serial # 889xxx 1953-1961: Unique solidbody electric guitar "inked" serial numbers. 1961-1969: 4,5 or 6 digit peghead stamped serial number for all models, no MADE IN USA stamped below. 1969-1975: 6 digit peghead stamped serial number, MADE...
  10. DJGranite

    What is this model?

    Vintage Guitars Info - Gibson collecting vintage gibson guitars ( Gibson Solidbody instruments 1952 to 1960: No number: 1952 to early 1953 ink stamped numbers in back top of peghead. First number denotes last digit of year, followed by a space and 4 digits, or no space and 5...
  11. DJGranite

    mystery guitar

    Apparently they came in Ebony and Walnut... Here's the link again SG Standard/Special | SG Wiki | Fandom
  12. DJGranite

    mystery guitar

    Might have started out like one of these with a pickguard and bridge change. SG Standard/Special | SG Wiki | Fandom
  13. DJGranite

    Marshall Lead 12

    I have 2 of the micro stacks, love them. (internet photo mine are buried right now )
  14. DJGranite

    I want to buy my first SG

    If you are a bit new to guitars I'd suggest taking an experienced player along to help check any used guitar out. They might be more likely to notice any flaws etc.
  15. DJGranite

    Hi from Twickenham UK

  16. DJGranite

    My First SG! (And first post)

    I had one of those about 12 years ago. It was a nice playing guitar. I put 3 Seymour Duncan pickups in it. Still have the Epi pickups in a box in the closet. I liked mine. And I like your guitar too.
  17. DJGranite

    Black gibson hardware

    Gibson definitely make all of the hardware in Black. How much it costs and availability I have no idea. But they use it when they want to. A recent purchase of mine below. 2007 SG Special GOTW #32 by DJGranite posted Apr 21, 2021 at 2:45 PM Blacked out from the factory so they do use Black...
  18. DJGranite

    New SG Day

    To the best of my knowledge Gibson is a "Nitro" company. Of course most companies experiment with new products and alternative methods and the GOTW series shows this in action, small batches, different from the normal models in various ways. I guess anything is possible, so really I don't know...

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