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  1. Thumpalumpacus

    Why dont headstocks need reinforcement such as truss rods?

    I'd imagine it's because they're short, and the strings cannot leverage the wood as easily. If you picture the string as the lever and the nut as the fulcrum, there's just not that much distance that can multiply the string's tension to the point where it can warp the headstock.
  2. Thumpalumpacus

    The most famous SG player ever?

    Can you tell the difference between "most famous guitarist" and "most famous SG player"? Hint: it has to do with categories.
  3. Thumpalumpacus

    Rescued from the tip. What can you tell me about this one?

    Good rescue guitar! Here's hoping you can return it to glory.
  4. Thumpalumpacus

    Anyone hands on with the 2019 line. Has the QC improved?

    Binding on the nut can make it go flat as well, if you bend the string; the binding will prevent the slack from returning, lowering the sounding pitch. When all you can do is name-call, you've shown your true colors.
  5. Thumpalumpacus

    Poker Chip Question

    When I first started demoing my originals, the desire to get it "perfect" interfered with my ability to go with the flow, because I was intent on stamping the song with exactly what I wanted to hear. That deafened me to the happy accidents that often take the song somewhere beyond what I'd...
  6. Thumpalumpacus

    Poker Chip Question

    Red-light fever is a thing. Best to do three or four warm-ups, back to the board, and have a buddy working the desk.
  7. Thumpalumpacus

    Poker Chip Question

    The other thing is that by balancing pickup volumes, you can dial in pretty much the exact bite and bottom-end you want for a sound in the mid spot. There's a few hundred tones in there.
  8. Thumpalumpacus

    Poker Chip Question

  9. Thumpalumpacus

    Wow... SG Special with minis...

    My old Les Paul had minis, and it could cut, and drive, too. Very versatile.
  10. Thumpalumpacus

    Au Revoir Notre Dame

    "Therefore, do not ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." No matter your nationality, no matter your faith or lack thereof, this is a loss for all humanity. It's irreplaceable.
  11. Thumpalumpacus

    Pink Neck Binding?

    An excellent idea for using a control!
  12. Thumpalumpacus

    NGD? Losing my mind!

    Binding-bleed's been an issue with Gibsons I've held in the last ten years or so. Sorry yours has it too, but thankfully it doesn't affect the sound, right? Also, almost every oil sold for guitars has a mineral-oil base. Go to Lowe's and get a lifetime (fifetime?) supply for the same six...
  13. Thumpalumpacus

    10" is the perfect speaker size.

    OH, cripes, m'boy went stereo!
  14. Thumpalumpacus

    Stuck in a box?

    I don't like staying in one part of the neck. I bore myself when I do that. I use the diagonal scales you mentioned, and I will also do hammer-and-pull down a string to get to another part of the neck.
  15. Thumpalumpacus

    10" is the perfect speaker size.

    Mine was a 100w Peavey 2x12 Valveking. Even back then, before my diagnosis, I used a hand-truck. Nowadays, I pump my smaller Egnater head into a homebuilt 1x12 that's a breeze to carry:
  16. Thumpalumpacus

    10" is the perfect speaker size.

    If I weren't suffering the health issues I am, I'd probably still be playing through a 2x12. I do love that layout as well ... but my last 2x12 combo weighed in at 68 lbs.
  17. Thumpalumpacus

    10" is the perfect speaker size.

    For single speakers, I prefer 12s. Multiple speakers, tens.
  18. Thumpalumpacus

    Your dream SG?

    I don't think my dreamer has been built: 'hog body and 3-piece neck, ebony fretboard, binding on neck and headstock, no fretboard inlays, 490R in the neck, Duncan JB in the bridge spot. I do love the look of CG's korina, though. Good lord, that's pretty.
  19. Thumpalumpacus

    New Amp Day !

    In theory I completely agree with you ... it's just that overchoice is a pretty weak spot for me, I'd just get lost in that stuff with my fingers on knobs instead of strings. :)
  20. Thumpalumpacus

    Ouch !

    Agreed, six screws through their own neck would be fitting.