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  1. Bettyboo

    New SG Jr: Ridiculous errors!! Should I write to Gibson?

    Biddlin is a cool guy - I've learnt a lot from him about SGs over many years. OK, he can be grumpy, but he knows his stuff and has added hugely to this forum. Yeah, the opening post was a bit whiny, bu we've all been there, and at 70 years old and buying a new Gibson, he has every right to be...
  2. Bettyboo

    New SG Jr: Ridiculous errors!! Should I write to Gibson?

    This is an important point. From experience, an SG where the set neck angle isn't quite right can be managed because you have a lot of optiona with the bridge saddles and height of the stop piece to get the guitar playing well. With a Special or Junior, you have less wiggle room when the neck...
  3. Bettyboo

    New SG Jr: Ridiculous errors!! Should I write to Gibson?

    Haven't seen the guitar, but I suspect the OP's point is valid based upon: had a 2018 junior with the angled uncompensated bridge - worked perfectly; have a 2019 special with the lightening bar which arrived with problems (studs and bridge), got 100 euros refund on warranty then got non-Gibson...
  4. Bettyboo

    Is it just me or are modern (2020s) SGs living up to the standard?

    Without having the guitar in your hands (even then it's a personal thing...), I'd tend to agree with the above comments. Some Gibsons come perfect "out of the box", but not many in my experience (1 out of 6, but all the others ended up really good after some care). But, for the price, I can...
  5. Bettyboo

    Should I even consider ANOTHER P90 SG?

    I agree that Juniors are exceptionally good, versatile, unique. If you love a P90 SG then you owe it to yourself to try out a Junior (it's a very different beast from a Special).
  6. Bettyboo

    NGD - 2011 GC Exclusive SG Standard NOS

    Lovely guitar, congratulations and enjoy.
  7. Bettyboo

    NGD: Gibson Custom Shop 1963 SG Junior in Bright TV Yellow

    Yeah, that Junior looks great - I rarely see a thin TV finish showing the grain well, but yours does that in an almost Korina wood way and a nice bright yellow - lovely; congrats and enjoy!
  8. Bettyboo

    Added another one to the stable..

    They both look great. A batwing and an angel wing, what's not to like???
  9. Bettyboo

    KLUSON 'REVOLUTION Tuning Machines....ROCK !Opinions?

    I don't like the look of these Kluson Revolution tuners at all; really ugly things to my eye - but, that's subjective, and if you like the look that's all that matters. Locking tuners are always functional at string changing time... I put a set of Kluson branded 18:1 ratio strip tuners on my...
  10. Bettyboo

    Thinking of getting a second SG

    I have a small vibrola P90 Special from 2019 (as per my name picture), and it needed some Faber locking studs to aid bridge stability (they fitted straight into the existing holes, no drilling or messing around at all) - I also changed the bridge to a mojoaxe bridge (pretty similar to the...
  11. Bettyboo

    My 2018 for a 2011 - make sense?

    I do like those 2011/2012 standards - very nice (wish I'd bought one at the time, just as I wish I'd bought a 2016 standard with P90s at the time). It's not easy to get exactly the guitar you want if they are no longer made, so I'd say you did a good and fair deal.
  12. Bettyboo

    Thinking of getting a second SG

    I've had 5 SGs, and the most pleasure I've had was an SG Junior. Sometimes overlooked, but an amazing guitar with so many sounds to offer, and they are very light. The current SG Juniors are great. That'd be my suggestion.
  13. Bettyboo


    &, another thing... the 50s tributes had big round necks - some folks liked this, some folks did not. Just offering some more info.
  14. Bettyboo


    Another thing to note: a lot of these guitars were bought new, very cheap, by a big retailer who strips them down and sells the parts; I remember seeing dozens of examples of these. Also, the future tribute (I think all of these) had a thin nitro satin finish which was just horrible - came off...
  15. Bettyboo


    I don't know, but seem to have a recollection that all the 50s tribute guitars were stamped "prototype" because the SGs weren't out until '61. These guitars were blown out quite cheaply, maybe $450 or so in some US shops? I had a Future Tribute I bought new for about $600. I suspect they'll be...
  16. Bettyboo

    Gibson SG Standard 61 with Sideways Vibrola

    If you played one already then you know how you feel about it, don't worry about what somebody on the internet says - just one of many opinions, none of which are as important as yours.
  17. Bettyboo

    Warning. What you are about to see is disturbing.

    Hey, Chilli - why not just turn it into a '67 style batwing? (The abused SG would have come with a dogear, so it might end up a bit messy under the pick guard, but the short maestro would take one's attention away from that.) Put on some strip tuners then you're good to go...
  18. Bettyboo

    SG Special P90 - Different Tone Knobs

    Very strange email from Gibson... But, you get a few knobs for free; happy days - great guitar; enjoy.
  19. Bettyboo

    NAD - Gibson Duo Medalist

    Interesting and cool amp. I've never seen one of those before.
  20. Bettyboo

    Maestro Vibrola with or without ! help me pick

    The Maestro's are nice, and easy to put out of the way if you don't wanna use it. Mine's on a Special, but stays in tune really well. As mentioned above, bridges can move around a lot, so I put some Faber locking nuts on (very quick and easy), so it's now rock solid. Faber also do a locking...

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