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  1. Steve D

    Dealing with 495 mini humbuckers MOD

    I bought it but didn't end up installing it in anything yet. Those extra tall pots looked like they might have been a tough fit in that particular '18 SG Special and before I really dug into it I ended up selling that guitar. Since then I haven't had another that would be a good candidate (not...
  2. Steve D

    Need to restore 1973 SG custom to former pickup glory - the SG is at the far right.

    Those knobs look awfully clean for an old guitar like that. I think SG Customs of that era either had black witch hats or black speed knobs, didn't they? Easy enough to find a set an original era set if that's the case.
  3. Steve D

    Help identifying a SG model

    I am not sure, I suspect a SG Junior but I'm no expert. I will say though, Col, that the bridge is an intonatable stoptail a'la a badass bridge, not a harmonica. To my knowledge, other than that big TP-1 bridge Gibson doesn't really use that sort but they were common aftermarket swaps for the...
  4. Steve D

    Custom Shop VOS

    Here's my 2006 VOS. It's a bit darker when not in bright sunlight. But you get the idea, it has a uniform tint. The neck has that faded look, but only the neck. And I'm not even sure that's intentional, the dyes bled over to the binding and made it really, really pink (possibly the worst case...
  5. Steve D

    Custom Shop VOS

    I've never seen that shade. Mine (2006, so an old one) has a a pretty vibrant cherry red finish and they aged the back of the neck a bit to look worn (finish color only) but on the body their VOS treatment was limited to aging the metals and maybe a small ding or two (could have come from...
  6. Steve D

    Do Grovers look "right" on an SG?

    Grovers look fine on an SG, in my opinion. However they are heavy. SGs don't like heavy headstocks, they are barely balanced as it is. Grovers make some of them into neck dive pendulums. But then again, I've had my share of '70s SGs with metal tuners (Gibson branded, not grovers) and they...
  7. Steve D

    A Tale of Madness, Hubris and Crib-death

    I've had that happen on two guitars I had shipped, a beautiful ES-335 and a SG-3. The SG-3 I bought through Guitar Center and picked up there. When I opened to case to inspect it I was grinning, beautiful guitar. But I heard the guitar center guys all gasp. I lifted the neck up and the strings...
  8. Steve D

    I'm searching for my SG Special from the mid ' might have it:)

    I had a special from that era (a bit earlier probably) but not that one. Just as well, it was wrecked in a car accident by the guy I sold it to. Suggest you add one other piece of info: small guard or large "batwing" guard? '65/'66 was right on the line of the transition.
  9. Steve D

    ABR-1 differences. Help me out

    Below is my custom shop SG. It's built to historic specs with the ABR-1 in the Gibson-approved screws-facing-neck position. There is no room to get a screw driver in there because the pickups are too close. Intonating it is a real pain. I question why this is considered an important thing to...
  10. Steve D

    Not Payin' $45 .. fer a tip ...

    I have a SG VOS with the amber switch tip on it. However I've owned a vintage early 60s SG and the switch tip was original and it was white (or cream, I don't know. Old ones look used but I wager they were white originally). The amber switch is a '50s thing, the bursts have them but with a few...
  11. Steve D

    can anyone give information on this pickup

    That's easy. When archaeologists find something they can't explain they just declare it a religious artifact and the problem goes away.
  12. Steve D

    Ebony fingerboards and stock pickups

    Wow that is one fantastic looking SG! I want one!
  13. Steve D

    Mismatched pickups in '74 Standard?

    I agree with all that. But there is one weird possibility that would lead to swapping out one pickup. If someone tried to take the pickup cover off a tarback he might have really messed up the pickup, even if just cosmetically. Those things are epoxied to the covers and trying to mess with that...
  14. Steve D

    WHITE Binding Madness

    When they first started using analine dyes for the custom shop SGs to make them like they did back in the day they apparently didn't follow the recipe correctly. Probably they didn't give enough time for the finishing process. The dyes leeched into the binding over time. They figured it out at...
  15. Steve D

    WHITE Binding Madness

    I have this binding now, if I can put up with this I can put up with anything! 04 SG Custom Throwback - Pink Neck by Steve D posted Apr 8, 2019 at 8:45 PM
  16. Steve D

    Which would you rather?

    I have a custom shop SG and I love it. Got a good deal on it and at current prices a new SG Standard would be more than I paid for it. No stress for me, I bought it thinking it would retain resale but anymore I just think 'this is one for life' and even if it gets a headstock break I'll get it...
  17. Steve D

    Wraparound tailpiece

    Honestly it was 30 years ago and I didn't care much about construction techniques on guitars. I just wanted to learn to play rock and an old Gibson SG was the cheapest non-junk-import guitar I could find. It's more probable that the bridge was straight, everything about that guitar was original...
  18. Steve D

    Wraparound tailpiece

    I never knew that. I bought an old small guard SG Special back in the 80s as my first real electric guitar. Guy told me it was a '68. Later I had someone else tell me he thought it was '61. By then I knew that the small guard meant it could not be '68 so I kinda went with the '61. But it did...
  19. Steve D

    Replacement pickups

    I'm not sure I understand the original post. An SG Standard would have humbuckers, poster says he wants noiseless (implying single coil) and that Gibson said that mini-humbuckers are a direct drop in (suggesting P-90s in there now, same size as mini humbuckers). But SG Standards don't come with...
  20. Steve D


    I use recent sales to tell me what the market is doing. Something like Tarback pickups does not have very recent comparable listings as the volume of sale is low compared to, say, Les Paul Studios. But here is the listing of recent tarback sales on Reverb from sellers in the EU. Looks like...

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