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  1. Nortally

    Get a load of this ripoff!

    Two thoughts: 1, They're pretty up front."This is a true Custom Shop guitar from the Trademark Classics Custom Shop". "Trademark Classics" ain't "Gibson". When I see 'krab' on the menu, I expect to eat some kind of shredded fish. 2, This does remind me of a story the late, great, Dave Carter...
  2. Nortally

    Strap button placement place to reduce neck dive?

    I have one of those "no scratch" cloths on the back of the guitar and velcro on my gigging shirt. Just kidding! Actually, I've been working on some leads that really challenge me and I found that it goes much better with the guitar body at my abdomen in stead of my crotch, and the neck tilted...
  3. Nortally

    Loose inlay at 3rd fret

    It's a good thought and I will check for any rocking motion, but I *think* the movement is just because the inlay is flat but the neck has a 12" radius. My current plan is to follow the video's procedure & do one side at a time. Just need to buy the superglue & wax.
  4. Nortally

    Loose inlay at 3rd fret

    Two years ago I pulled the trigger on a 2016 Standard. Recently one corner of the trapezoidal inlay at fret 3 popped up, when I pressed it back, in the other corner popped out. A friend has advised super glue and a couple of minutes of pressure. Any other advice? The pic shows the piece of...
  5. Nortally

    From purely a "players" perspective, is a standard "worth" it?

    Two of my teles and two of my strats are partscasters, their value is personal. I designed 'em, wired 'em, the last two of them I've done some routing & set the neck, one I installed the 2-point bridge myself (with only 3 re-dos ;-) They're all players, and I love them. I don't care about Fender...
  6. Nortally

    How much would you pay for a modified Deluxe?

    When I got SG fever last year, I wasn't locked into an authentic vintage instrument so it was easier for me. I wanted: The fancy neck w/binding, inlaid logo and trapezoids. And I wanted P90s because my other Gibson-scale guitar is an Epiphone LP Goth w/humbuckers. I did a lot of online shopping...
  7. Nortally

    Can someone clear this mystery up for me?

    Did anyone mention a price? Except for the PU's, it looks just like a used 2016 Standard Cherry w/P90s I picked up from GC last year for about $1K. Not exactly a deal, but an OK price for the features I wanted, and the ability to return it if it wasn't right. I figure I paid about $300-400 extra...
  8. Nortally

    Is An SG A Gorgeous Guitar?

    LOL, love all the comments on this thread. I picked my 2016 SG Standard model over the Special for the "pretty" features: neck binding & trapezoidal inlay, and I paid for them. Still sort of on the fence about the batwing pickguard, but it plays like a dream and the P90s are everything I'd...
  9. Nortally

    NGD PTSD!!

    I blew a grand on a used, new condition 2016 Standard SG. I figure I paid $400 extra just because I wanted a neck with the binding & trapezoidal inlay. First thing I did was put the DiMarzio ClipLock strap on it -- they're on all my guitars. Still, I managed to drop it on its face from the stand...
  10. Nortally

    Gibson SG Classic: 2007 vs. 2016

    New Guitar Day! GC came through with a 2016 Standard P90 in great condition. Some light scratches, but no chips or gouges, nothing to complain about. Here's 3 pictures, one of the guitar in case, one of the controls (yes, a PCB rig), and one showing the pickups in profile. Of course, I have a...
  11. Nortally

    Gibson SG Classic: 2007 vs. 2016

    Thanks everyone for the great info! I've pulled the trigger on a 2016 Standard from GC. I'll post pics when it gets here.
  12. Nortally

    Gibson SG Classic: 2007 vs. 2016

    Shopping for my first SG. Wow, there's a lot of models out there and I'm pretty much of a neophyte in SG lore, but I've identified some features that feel important to me: - Stock configuration, no mods. (OK, I'd take one with a Bigsby if the original tailpiece was included.) - Standard-style...

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