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  1. Hector

    Tribute rosewood fretboard comment/question.

    That video is already 10 years old already. In reality, the usage of Rosewood and Ebony on guitars is a very small drop in a bucket when compared to furniture manufacturers (especially those producing for Asia). If I recall correctly, Gibson owns (or at least has contracts with) Mahogany...
  2. Hector

    Recommended strings for Epipone SG Special

    NYXLs work great, it's really down to your personal preference though... In terms of size, take a look at this:
  3. Hector

    Looking for silver lettering on switch selector, aka poker chip

    It's available from Gibson as Black with White Letters: For silver, you may need to look aftermarket...
  4. Hector

    Headstock snapped right off

    Oooph.. terribly sorry to hear that! Hopefully someone can respond with a recommedation of the luthier near you who can fix it...
  5. Hector

    Gibson Forum Down

    And so is !
  6. Hector

    A Tale of Madness, Hubris and Crib-death

    i supposed that is possible. Only way to know would be to inspect the guitar for some sort of impact damage that would cause the head stock to break off. If it broke in the case, I would imagine it would not show a point of impact...
  7. Hector

    A Tale of Madness, Hubris and Crib-death

    Agreed. I have often wondered, however, how Gibson deals with a Slim Taper neck compared to the Rounded profile in a case. Or even body thickness. One of my other Gibsons is an Les Paul CM. Rounded neck, but the body is half as thick as a regular Les Paul (but twice as heavy!) so I would...
  8. Hector

    A Tale of Madness, Hubris and Crib-death

    I did not mean the case needs padding, but the guitar should have at least some padding added around it in the case to protect it from delivery people dreaming of kicking a conversion (rugby) / field goal (american football).
  9. Hector

    A Tale of Madness, Hubris and Crib-death

    Ah MAN ! That is horrible ! I imagine both you and the guitar are crushed... How in the hell could Gibson ship it with no padding? Even Trogly on Youtube has videos on how to pack guitars for shipping.
  10. Hector

    Gibson Forum Down

    I think they stopped the forum completely. It has been almost two weeks since it, and, have disappeared. It's a shame really, it was nice to have the info on recent Gibsons in case we wanted to buy one used. I guess it was killed so you can only have info (and encourage you to...
  11. Hector

    SGJ Questions

    I don't know if anyone is screaming at you., more likely encouraging you on :smile: So do what you want, based on the sort of sound you are going for! Personally, I would put some '61s in there, but that's just me and what I like to play :D It looks like someone repainted your SGJ ? If so...
  12. Hector

    Made my decision on an SG need some advice.

    No worries, do what you can do, and enjoy your Epi SG !!!!!!
  13. Hector

    Just ordered a Hotone Freeze B

    For €100, not a bad little practice amp!
  14. Hector

    Made my decision on an SG need some advice.

    Can I ask why you are liking the Epi SG Custom, as opposed to a SG Special ? In case it is pure aesthetics, were I in your shoes, I would go any play these two guitars and then make my decision...
  15. Hector

    Made my decision on an SG need some advice.

    This... Also, maybe try to save up as much money as you can in order to buy the Epi, so you can have your Strat and play your Epi too ?
  16. Hector

    SGJ Questions

    2013 model had the black plastic covers hot-glued to the 490s (SGJ and LPJ both)
  17. Hector

    Gibson Forum Down

    I think their web master is doing some housekeeping. I have noticed the forums have been offline for several days now. On top of that, is no longer working, I hope they do not get rid of it....
  18. Hector

    HI this is my SG

    The "neck bend" is pretty standard for SGs (and other guitars), it is something people do in the guitar shops when playing them "because it is cool", I have even seen artists do it on stage. It is not good for the guitar. You can usually tell one that has been "bent" by the cracks in the nitro...
  19. Hector

    SGJ Questions

    You can also find more information here:
  20. Hector

    Gibson delivery delays?

    no worries, just had to expand the quote to see your replies..

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