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  1. Robert Nunn

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

    I play alot of bass (pbass) but have always wonder how the eb's (or sg's) feel and sound. You play in a band with bass or just noodle at home?
  2. Robert Nunn

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

    I don't know any other way to do it, lol. On my LP's and SG's since I started playing (in the 80's), I have always top wrapped. It just doesn't feel right unless it is.
  3. Robert Nunn

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

    Love my tribute. No frills, simple, beast of an axe. If a standard was something other than red or black, I might would have gone that route. Love my choice!!
  4. Robert Nunn

    SG players that made you choose the SG

    No one. I mainly play a LP but also play an SG.
  5. Robert Nunn

    Jimi HENDRIX 1969 Flying V and 1967 SG Custom

    I think it's rather silly to have these as "signature" models for something he only played a few shows with. I wanna see a Jimi signature LP since he played one at a show, lol
  6. Robert Nunn

    SG String Guage

    I use 10's on my Gibsons (and topwrap) and 09's on my Fender style guitars (D'Addarios)
  7. Robert Nunn

    Treble/ Rhythm switch

    I chose the Tribute over the Standard for a couple reasons. I wanted something other than red or black and the maple neck. It is an unbelievable player and Im happy that I went with the tribute and you should be too!!!
  8. Robert Nunn

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

    I love the simplicity of my tribute. The maple neck feels great and the pickups rock. I wanted something other than red or black that the standards offer. The satin walnut is beautiful.
  9. Robert Nunn

    Is The SG Merely Just A Les Paul Substitute?

    Absoluely not. I have both. They are so different.
  10. Robert Nunn

    Hi! New here and Maple neck?

    My 2019 tribute has a maple neck. Like it very much.
  11. Robert Nunn


    Phenomenal amp. If you ever get the change to try one out, you should. This is added to my stable that includes a Marshall Origin 20H and Blackstar 10W Anniversary series
  12. Robert Nunn


    lol, I hear ya man. Nice axe btw
  13. Robert Nunn

    Is a Gibson Les Paul, necessary when you own a good SG ?

    I could turn it around and say is a SG necessary when you have a Les Paul?
  14. Robert Nunn

    Anyone buy through DHgate before?

    I bought a "Jimmy Page" Les Paul from DHGate. Wanted something that kinda looked liek the real thing so I could practice my luthier skills. Paid $230. Meh. It was ok. Really did need to replace everything on it, hahahha. I was also disappointed in the finish. Could have been worse. I...
  15. Robert Nunn

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

  16. Robert Nunn

    Want a Gibson SG

    Just get what you like. If you can make that guitar sing, nobody will care if it is an Epiphone or Gibson.
  17. Robert Nunn

    Want a Gibson SG

    Completely different Epiphones back then
  18. Robert Nunn

    Want a Gibson SG

    Really doesn't matter to me what someone plays. One of the best local guitarists (well, has since moved) plays Epi LP's simply because he doesn't see the need to spend the extra money on a Gibson. I'll never be as accomplished as him on the guitar (Im really a bass player that loves to play...
  19. Robert Nunn

    SG’s do not sound thin

    SG's don't sound thin. Only different (if you are used to playing a Les Paul). SG's are decidedly more aggressive with more bite and maybe some mistake that for thin. I love the sound of both my SG and Les Paul for totally different uses.
  20. Robert Nunn

    You've been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray!

    WOW, what a stupid thread. Can't believe it's got this much attention.

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