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  1. dub-setter

    Epiphone 1961 les Paul sg standard

    yap. pretty cool channel, honest reviews....
  2. dub-setter

    Help identifying a SG model

  3. dub-setter

    Help identifying a SG model

    the body /neck/head can point to a junior, but the logo and the serial number look a bit "off " to me..
  4. dub-setter

    Do Grovers look "right" on an SG?

    grovers with metal tulip ones..
  5. dub-setter

    NGD: 2014 Epiphone G400

    naa, i meant used ones.. from private sellers. not the chinese fake ones..
  6. dub-setter

    NGD: 2014 Epiphone G400

    yap.. or maybe a bad tone pot... i dont know how your solder skills are but maybe a complete resoldering/exchange of the cables/ pots will help. the easier way would be to buy a probucker or an alnico pro pick up (neck) used.. they pop up all the time on the bay and aren´t that expensive.
  7. dub-setter

    Help / Advice Please - Early G400R

    nice guitar. price wise i would say like 300- 400,- euro (about 500 $ +/-)
  8. dub-setter

    Nitro finish/paint issue: poor quality control…?

    i would let it stay that way... but its a strange thing that it happened , nevertheless. maybe put some thin clear-lacer on it.
  9. dub-setter

    New SG ?

  10. dub-setter

    New SG ?

    back to topic: like the aged white one...
  11. dub-setter

    Have you seen this kind of guitar?

    g 400 korea one.. i would guess.
  12. dub-setter

    Ahoy y'all... for my first post... pics of my NGD 2004 (a few days ago) Epiphone SG - 5 string

    same on my epi custom (grovers) it stays pretty good in tune over months... and the best is: no neck dive...:io:
  13. dub-setter

    New tuners on my Epi SG G-310

  14. dub-setter

    SG Muse, it's on its way !

    like the change to the witch hats... look much better!
  15. dub-setter

    New to the group. New to G400

  16. dub-setter

    New to the group. New to G400

    "E" for epiphone ..?
  17. dub-setter

    "Inspired by Gibson" SGs!

    cheers !

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