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    How to spot a fake Gibson

    Uhh, you mean the ones I have now, or the ones I'll have next week?
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    How to spot a fake Gibson

    I like those tuners with the pearl inlay!
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    Brian May Guitar

    Any opinions? I just got one in honey burst and it's pretty cool. Nicely made and unique switching options. How ya'll been? Long time since I've posted. Been lurking in the background though. By the way, my prowess with the guitar has finally reached mediocre!! I am bursting with pride and...
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    Big News - I'm going to Iraq!

    Thanks Mick! The 152nd T? Great unit!! Hang tight, you'll be home safe and sound before you know it and have stories to tell your grandkids one day!
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    Big News - I'm going to Iraq!

    You really lucked out Spunk! I was a Ranger School washout and wound up in Vietnam as an infantryman attached to the 101st AB. I took AIT at Polk......Tigerland!(what a hell hole!). Went through 8 weeks of Ranger Training (in Polk as well as an extension of the main training ctr..can't even...
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    Hello everyone! I'm Back!

    Welcome back Mad! Best of luck on your endeavors!
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    Big News - I'm going to Iraq!

    Hey Spunk, were you in country?? I was attached to the 101st. Where'd you serve? Did you train in LA/Polk?
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    The latest Red DeVil GOW : )

    :funny: :funny: :rofl: :rofl:
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    SG Diablo - first of the Gibson 2008 "Guitar of the Month" series

    One tone.........a 3 way switch? It's a Telecaster!!!
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    Big News - I'm going to Iraq!

    I spent a year of my life in a combat zone. The best advice I can give is keep your eyes and ears open at all times..........Don't imbibe in anything that may dull your senses..........If it looks slightly suspicious, be extremly cautious........Watch your buddies backs and they'll watch yours...
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    Taylor Solidbody

    Don't get me wrong, the Rics are fabulous guitars and you can't beat them for quality, fit and finish. It was wasn't for me. The guy that bought it was thrilled! He had been wanting one for years.
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    Taylor Solidbody

    Still working on the pix. I sold my Rickenbacker 360 to get the Taylor. I just could not get used to the Rick.
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    Sadness falls upon the Cave.

    I'm so sorry for your loss Lou. I lost both my folks 6 years ago within a few months of each other. Being an only child made it that much harder for me. The only thing I can say is that the grief will pass and be replaced by all the good memories you had of her. Form the way you've written about...
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    Taylor Solidbody

    I had a Gibson ES339 on order na dfound that they are only available to GC and MF. Since I have a very good relationship with a local music shop, I decided to get one of the new Taylor Solidbodies instead. I wound up with the Custom and love it!
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    BC Rich?

    I tried out a BCR a few weeks ago at GC. It had all these bizzare points sticking out of it and I first thought "yuck, that has to be really uncomfortable to hold/play". Much to my surprise, it WAS comfortable to hold and a dream to play. Loved the neck and the low action. Awsome...
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    All is not well at the Batcave:

    Lou, Family first above all else. Especially when it comes to Mom! Larry
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    Advant Garde Music?

    OK, you can think about him, but can you pronounce his name?? I think I'm going to become a minimalist guitar player. Heck, I won't even need a guitar!!
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    Advant Garde Music?

    Hmmm......I still don't get it. To me, "minimalism" means you're too lazy to make an effort to create something. As far as "art", has anyone ever seen the Murphy Brown episode where Eldon shows his art for the first time? It's a classic and so true.
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    Advant Garde Music?

    I just heard a.....(well, I really don't know what it was)......thing by a group called the Zs. Apparently they are a well known "Advant Garde" group. It was the most bizarre type of music I have ever heard and makes Rap and Hip-Hop sound like Beethoven in comparison. Do people...
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    The Dumbest Song You've Ever Heard.

    Have any of you ever played a country music record backwards? If you do, your wife comes back, your dog comes back, the bank un repossesses your pick-up truck, your best friend comes back to life, you stop drinking, etc, etc........

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