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  1. crashbelt

    1961 Les Paul Standard Restoration

    Here's a pic of my SGs. 63 Junior 61 Standard and 62 Special. Way back in December 17 I posted about having inherited the Standard from my sadly demised brother-in-law. It had been 'customised' in the 80s by UK luthier John Birch who did nasty things to vintage guitars on instructions of his...
  2. crashbelt

    1961 Les Paul (SG) Custom Colours

    Hi - Its been a while since I've posted but I would really appreciate some advice on a restoration I'm planning. I've inherited a 1961 Les Paul (SG) Standard. It was customised by John Birch in the 70s. Fortunately the pickups, wiring, pickguard, 'Les Paul' truss rod cover, control knobs...
  3. crashbelt

    Newly Joined from UK

    Hi - I'm from UK near Cambridge. Love old P90 SGs - the Junior is a 63 one of the last with the Les Paul headstock script and the Special is 62 and my main gigging guitar. I play in a couple of blues, R'n'B, soul bands. Always play through Gibson tweed era amps - 56 GA5, 59 GA8, 60 GA18T - and a...

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