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  1. Saintjonah

    Malcolm Young Officially Done

    This is sad. I knew he was having health issues and there was talk he might hang it up, but he's made it "official" at this point. I can't imagine AC/DC going forward without their best member. NME News Stricken Malcolm Young will not return to AC/DC | NME.COM
  2. Saintjonah

    Bad drummer

    Ok, some backstory. I play in a "band" with my cousin, friend and uncle. Uncle is the drummer. Uncle has the basement we play in. Uncle has the PA. Uncle has a recorder (for some reason). Uncle has the drum kit. If we boot my Uncle we don't have a place to play. The rest of us have young...
  3. Saintjonah

    Joyo pedals

    I know I just posted about getting a "Sweet Baby", but I felt like this deserved it's own post. I think a lot of people are interested in the Joyo line of pedals for their incredible value and performance. I know I am anyway. Well, this guy on Youtube has reviews for just about every one of...
  4. Saintjonah

    Joyo Sweet Baby

    I just put in an order on Amazon for a Joyo "Sweet Baby" overdrive. It's a low gain OD that seems like it will make a great boost pedal. I'm thinking of putting it before (or after?) my Joyo Ultimate Drive and running the gain low on both. Also using it as a clean boost as the clean tones on my...
  5. Saintjonah

    Les Paul Recording

    They're bringing back the Les Paul Recording model. Les Paul Recording I thought Dave might be interested in this. I know he said he had issues with the weight of the original and this one is weight relieved. Or hope some of the electronics wind up on e-bay. Anyway, it's...
  6. Saintjonah

    Cool site

    I don't know if most of you know about this site, but I just found out about it. Seems like some pretty nice deals on used gear. A lot of "or best offer" on there. Just thought someone might find something they're looking for on the cheap. Deals and Steals | Reverb
  7. Saintjonah

    Lessons after playing a while

    So, I've been playing for some time now. Probably about 15 years or so off and on. I got more serious about 6 years ago when I stared playing with a band on a regular basis. Problem is, I never really got past the "Ok I know basic cowboy chords, I can power chord your brains out, I'm aware...
  8. Saintjonah

    Pickup cutting out

    Not 100% sure if this is the place for this question, but here it is. Recently my SG fell from it's stand, took a bit of a face plant. I managed to touch it before it hit the ground, so not much really in the way of damage. The bridge volume knob shattered, but still works fine. The other...
  9. Saintjonah

    Ordered my first SG

    Also my first Gibson! A Standard with p90's guessed it...heritage cherry :naughty: I have 2 Epiphone Les Pauls currently, and I've been hankerin' for something with P90's for a while now...and this SG just won me over. I ordered it from the music zoo online, w/HSC shipped for $839. I...

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