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    Brian May Guitar

    Any opinions? I just got one in honey burst and it's pretty cool. Nicely made and unique switching options. How ya'll been? Long time since I've posted. Been lurking in the background though. By the way, my prowess with the guitar has finally reached mediocre!! I am bursting with pride and...
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    Taylor Solidbody

    I had a Gibson ES339 on order na dfound that they are only available to GC and MF. Since I have a very good relationship with a local music shop, I decided to get one of the new Taylor Solidbodies instead. I wound up with the Custom and love it!
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    Advant Garde Music?

    I just heard a.....(well, I really don't know what it was)......thing by a group called the Zs. Apparently they are a well known "Advant Garde" group. It was the most bizarre type of music I have ever heard and makes Rap and Hip-Hop sound like Beethoven in comparison. Do people...
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    "Combat" Guitars??

    I just found a Japanese made "Combat" brand guitar on ebay. I've never heard of them, but the add touted it as a well known high end brand. Does anyone know anything about them?? The one I saw looked exactly like the MIJ Rosewood Teles from the 80's.
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    PRS Neck Explaination

    A friend of mine just ordered a PRS (not sure which model). I asked him to describe the neck profile and here's his answer: "It's called a wide/fat neck, but it's not wide or fat. It's kind of in between a Gibson and a Fender but it feels normal" ???
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    Favorite Guitar in your present collection?

    It's my CIJ 62 reissue Tele with the 72 maple neck and electronics. For some reason I just can't go a day without playing it! It's much warmer sounding than most and only has a slight Tele twang. I guess that's why I like it. OK, I seem to be babbling here.........
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    Quick Question

    I am looking to sell two of my guitars and am wondering if there is a way to post the info on this site somewhere? I don't want to violate any policies by mentioning them in this post. Also, I am not sure if PM's are acceptable, so please don't send me any messages until I know for sure what to do.
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    "Same Game"

    You know that game on this site where you match the guitar color and get points for each grouping? Well, I scored a 23,436!!! Is that the highest score ever?? Until ltoday, I've never gotten passed 300!!
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    Rosewood Telecaster

    I was able to get an MIJ mid 80's to early 90's Japanese Fender Rosewood Telecaster. NOT the new veneer ones, this is the genuine article 100% rosewood body, neck and headstock. It's in mint condition. I should get it delivered next week and will post pick. I am so excited I could drop a log!!
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    Neck Confusion on SG

    My Silverburst SG is supposed to have the 60's slim taper neck......yet, the SG neck is fatter than my friends Les Paul with the 50's fat neck (we actually measured it and there is a 1/8 th difference) So, is the 60's slim taper fatter than the 50's fat neck, or is there another type of 60's...
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    Another Forum..........

    I just joined a forum for...............well, let's just say based on a recent guitar purchase I made. I noticed that the folks are quite different to say the least. They are extremely nice, polite, helpful and knowlegable. do I put this in a nice way so as not to...
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    Latest Pics.....

    Here's a recent photo of my collection:
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    I have become addicted to Fender Telecasters. I recently purchased a CIJ 72 reissue and a 62 Deluxe. I am also considering swapping some of my herd for a Custom Shop Rosewood. I always thought Teles looked primitive and never had the desire to even play one. Once I did, I was hooked. Teles...
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    Rosewood Telecaster

    I want one of these............
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    Screen Names.......Did we do this already??

    Sorry if we did, but was there ever a time when each of us gave a brief history of how they chose their screen names? I chose mine's my name..........
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    Japanese Made Telecaster

    I just picked up Fender Telecaster that says "crafted in Japan" on it. I really don't know much about these other than it looked and played very nicely. I've heard that they're equal to or surpass the Mexican ones and in some cases the American ones as well. Is this true? I have no...
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    For the Guitar Player That has Everything.....

    Check out "" I just got one and they are awsome. Very understated and beautiful piece of art and functional! (I keep my picks in them as well as other bits and pieces of guitar stuff)
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    By the way........

    I recently sold my American Deluxe Fat Strat and bought a Rickenbacker 360 in JetGlo (black). I used to have one in FireGlo (red) awhile back but didn't like the color and traded it for........heck, I don't remember ! Anyway, I promised somebody on this Forum that I would send them a pearl...
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    Did anyone else think the final episode of the Soprano's was anticlimactic?? Not to mention downright bad? Also, in the prior episode, did anyone else think the sign on the store in Brooklyn that read "Flatbush Bikini Waxing" was hysterical besides me??
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    Mega Guitar Show!!

    There is a huge Guitar Show on July 14th and 15th in New Jersey. Saturday July 14th 10:00 - 6:00 and Sunday July 15th 10:00 - 4:00 at the Garden State Exhibit Center (50 Atrium Drive, Somerset, NJ). 1000's of instruments and 100's of exhibitors Mega Show...

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