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  1. Saintjonah

    Biddlin' Foster

    Man, I haven't been around here in years. Just happened to stop by and wanted to see what old Biddlin was up to. This is really sad to hear. Not much better than making a post and getting a "Like" from Biddlin. Really sorry for your loss. He was a real dude.
  2. Saintjonah

    2016 gibson sg

    Happy to see the P90 standard get another run!
  3. Saintjonah

    This is on its way to me...

    You've probably heard this before but you've got some mighty fine guitars there, sir.
  4. Saintjonah

    Would you...

    I have an SG P-90 and I love it. Great guitar. But dude, that is a beautiful amp and I'm sure it has amazing tone. It seems like you made out pretty good. I don't know much about nothin' regarding hand wiring or whatever...but for $2K, you can bet some serious care went into the making of that...
  5. Saintjonah

    I love cheap pedals.

    I'm a huge fan of "budget friendly" pedals! I have the Sweet Baby and Ultimate Drive currently and I'm expecting the Deluxe Crunch to be on my front porch when I get off work! I can't say enough good things about the ones I've tried. Really looking forward to the DC, I'm hoping it's a bit...
  6. Saintjonah

    This has got to be a Custom order or refin...

    Thankfully we aren't in school here. Did they ever teach you "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything"? Did they ever teach you when to drop a pointless argument? You just sound like a ninny. Just a bit of razzing! :thumb:
  7. Saintjonah

    My 60's Tribute's first gig.

    Billy, you guys are fantastic! Just awesome. Sadly, most of your videos don't seem to work for me. Maybe because I'm in the US? All I could watch was "She'll be right". Loved it.
  8. Saintjonah

    My pet peeve...

    That doesn't even look real. It looks like the guitar was shopped into the picture. Probably just light playing tricks, but it looks like it's floating.
  9. Saintjonah

    Possible NGD

    Looks awesome! Very unique. Maple board? Buy it!
  10. Saintjonah

    1962 Les Paul SG Junior Tone Vids

    I've always known I was a pretty horrible guitar player, but if this is what passes as sloppy these days I'm worse off than I ever imagined. Sweet ass guitar, man.
  11. Saintjonah

    I'm not proud but I'm really really happy!

    You did the responsible, yet difficult thing and it wound up working out for you. Be proud AND happy! You have every right to be both.
  12. Saintjonah

    SGS3 2015-proper nut width

    I'd like it much more without the middle pickup. Other than that it looks like something that would look nice on display in a den more than a guitar I'd take out and rock with.
  13. Saintjonah

    Thoughts wanted on a trade for my 1962 LPSGJ

    Calm down, I think he gets it. We're happy he kept it. No need for everyone to weigh in.
  14. Saintjonah

    Thoughts wanted on a trade for my 1962 LPSGJ

    "Thoughts wanted" Thoughts given.
  15. Saintjonah

    My Four

    How do you like it? I've been wanting to take on the task building a guitar sometime in the near future and I'd love to do either a LP JR or and SG JR. Or a
  16. Saintjonah

    Recommend me an overdrive to suit an SG

    Right but, local stores don't always have what you're looking for. I'd pay $10 more to buy that $30 pedal locally, but they aren't going to have it. I won't limit my choices just to say I buy locally. And no one is forced to work for Amazon, if they have the best price+shipping I'm probably...
  17. Saintjonah

    Thoughts wanted on a trade for my 1962 LPSGJ

    Tell you what, I've got a 2012 (that's practically vintage) SG Standard (not some student model) with 2 (TWO!) P90s. That's double the P90s thus double the tone. And the pickups are NEW! The ones in yours have probably degraded to the point they sound like garbage. It's in MUCH better shape than...
  18. Saintjonah

    My Four

    Did you make the JR as well?
  19. Saintjonah

    My Four

    Much better :D
  20. Saintjonah

    It's decide..on or off?

    I'm a guy that likes his SGs with the guard ON in almost all circumstances. Almost. This being one where I would leave it off. It looks so much better without it.

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