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  1. Angry Tele

    merry xmas!!!!

    happy holidays to all you double horned slinging bastads!!!! let us all bring the rock this new upcoming year!!! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  2. Angry Tele

    Is my guard bakelite?

    Im thinking about clear coating my guard with clear nitro so it will wear like a vintage guard. I took a warmouth guard and clear coated it and it looks just like my 52RI tele guard now, and it is wearing in the same (kind of a grey look under the scratches. I also had to sand the edges to get...
  3. Angry Tele

    more geek timekill

    Radio Shack Catalogs - General Catalogs check this out, vintage RadioShack catalogues from the 1940s-2000s The 1950s ones are the best. They have germanium transistors, PIO caps, switchcraft jacks, USA made tubes from Mullard and RCA, power transformers, jensen speakers, amp kits, even some...
  4. Angry Tele

    vox people: check this out!

    Vox Pop: How Dartford Powered the British Beat Boom (VOX amps BBC documentary) - YouTube :applause:
  5. Angry Tele

    punk rock sg

    The Damned Neat Neat Neat - YouTube
  6. Angry Tele

    calling all tube nerds

    geek out on this: :applause: Mullard - The Blackburn Vacuum Tubes Factory (Full) - YouTube
  7. Angry Tele

    This might go over like a lead balloon here...

    but I kind of like it...:hmm: RS Guitarworks STee Butterscotch Blackguard | Rebel Guitars
  8. Angry Tele

    bubble gum music and SGs

    VALENTINES Aussie bubblegum Bon Scott AC/DC - YouTube
  9. Angry Tele

    Gibson wiring wtf

    I have an extra p90 collecting dust so I figure Ill see what it sounds like in the bridge, but the wiring seems weird. Ive wired up Teles a dozen times but this is nothing like that. There is only 1 hole and 1 pickup wire coming through that I can see. where is the bridge pickup connection...
  10. Angry Tele

    this is what playing an SG will get you

    a nice little pad :applause: the house that sg and marshall built The House from Angus Young (ACDC) - YouTube
  11. Angry Tele

    another pickguard/no pickguard query

  12. Angry Tele


    what are they and why dont SGs have them? I saw a friend of mine's band play last weekend and he has a firebird with burstbuckers in it. His tone was killer, pretty bright and beefy. he uses a marshall 2000. his firebird is a custom shop from the late 1990s or early 2000s I think, stock...
  13. Angry Tele

    who made that Monkey Iommi SG?

    thread a few weeks ago :dunno:
  14. Angry Tele

    psa: win an SG I just stumbled on this and entered to win this SG. I thought id pass it along. Last thing I entered like this I won a $2000 Tele so its always worth entering. :dunno:
  15. Angry Tele

    terry kath? sg+orange amp

    i never heard of this guy, but hes pretty good Chicago (Terry Kath) - I'm A Man 1968 - YouTube
  16. Angry Tele

    this is why I bought my SG

    with mini humbuckers this video Johnny Winter guitar lesson Rock Me Baby Closeup & slowdown - YouTube and this song Neil Young Cowgirl In The Sand - YouTube aesthetically it was because of Angus Young but sonically, because of Firebird pickups...i know they arent the same but whatevs...
  17. Angry Tele

    paging that vox guy who hangs out here

    forget his name but he has like a bunch of vox amps...anywhoo check this out! Vintage Vox Amplifiers | eBay
  18. Angry Tele

    Gibson gig bag: nitro safe?

    here is the deal: I have a Gibson gig bag that came with my 70s Tribute, its black, with white interior. Very sharp looking bag. Now, my SG is nitro BUT since 'nitro' is kind of an ambiguous term to mean any number of chemical mixtures with varying degrees of volatility for lack of a...
  19. Angry Tele


  20. Angry Tele

    check out these Epiphones!

    Pelham blue! want a cheap version of the Tweedy Sg? here it is! Ltd. Ed. TV Pelham Blue Collection

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